AGON by AOC continues multi-year collaboration with G2 Esports

AGON by AOC is extending its partnership with G2 Esports, one of the most successful and renowned esports organizations around. The collaboration, which began in January 2018 and continues to this day, enables the G2 Esports teams to train and compete with the most competitive gaming displays from the AGON PRO line-up. AGON by AOC, on the other hand, benefits from the valuable feedback from the e-sports teams. Because the experiences they make in their competitions will flow into the development of future gaming products from AGON by AOC. In this way, the legends of G2 Esports make a significant contribution to continuously optimizing AOC’s gaming offerings.

Recently, AGON by AOC has launched several extremely powerful gaming monitors and peripherals from the AGON PRO series, aimed at e-sports players and enthusiasts.

For example, the partnership enabled the launch of the 63 cm (24.5″) IPS Full HD model AGON PRO AG254FG. It convinces with a refresh rate of 360 Hz and is equipped with Nvidia G-SYNC and Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer. This allows gamers to measure their exact system latency and ensure they are playing their best at all times. In addition, AOC has the AGON PRO AG274QG developed. The 68.6 cm (27″) monitor with IPS panel, a refresh rate of 240 Hz at QHD resolution, Nvidia G-SYNC and HDR 600 support enables a fast, competitive gaming experience with stunning visual fidelity. Thanks to the “Screen Shields” that eliminate reflections, these monitors are perfect for use on stage, in real tournaments with bright stage lights.

AGON PRO monitors support G2 Esports player like JACKZ continuously and improve their game

G2 Esports has successfully competed in almost every major esports tournament, including League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege. With other teams in Sim Racing, Apex Legends, Fortnite and the recently announced Halo Infinite roster, G2 is also represented at the highest level in most major game titles. In addition, with G2 Gozen there is now an all-women team for Valorant.

G2 Esports also recently made a very successful leap into entertainment, announcing “Our Way,” a power metal song that features G2 founder and CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez alongside Grammy-nominated and acclaimed musicians. his first music release. G2 Esports has also released its first collectibles as NFTs, giving fans the opportunity to own very special pieces of the G2 legacy. G2 is the largest western esports organization that has launched its own PFP-NFT project, initiating a new NFT gaming community that offers immediate and real value to players.

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports: “We are now in our fifth year of partnership with AGON by AOC. This is incredible considering how quickly everything in eSports is evolving. The quality of AOC monitors is second to none and it is vital to us that our gamers have the best hardware available to enable them to perform. 20G2 is our year and we are proud to have AGON by AOC joining us on this journey.”

“With the great G2 Esports team at our side, with a proven track record of success with our monitors, our claim to bring esports monitors to the market for extreme gamers gets real legitimacy. This sponsorship inspired us and helped us to identify their requirements. This enables us to develop and offer the latest technologies that give gamers what they really need to be successful.” adds Stefan Sommer, Global Head of Marketing & Business Management at AOC International Europe.

G2 Esports is a multi-player, globally successful team that is attracting attention around the globe. AGON by AOC is very proud to continue supporting G2 Esports, one of the world’s leading esports clubs.

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