5 best NFT games to make money right now

NFT games are on the rise, being one of the big hits of 2021. Appearing as a source of income during the pandemic, these titles gained a lot of popularity and helped to move the economy, causing more and more companies to decide to join the big wave of the moment. While many are against the idea, several players are increasingly looking for options in this market.

With different proposals, mechanics and functioning, many NFT games have emerged recently, with certain titles gaining more prominence among players looking to unite fun and profit. Knowing that these titles are highly sought after by many players, we prepared this article to talk about NFT games that are the main options today.

The top NFT games to make money today

Axie Infinity

(credit: Axie Infinity/Reproduction)

Axie Infinity is one of top NFT games on the market. Launched some time ago, the title already accumulates several players and has different methods that offer money. The popularity of the game has made its currency appreciate a lot, which means that the investment to start in the title is high, but the profit can also be considerable.

With the Axies, tiny little creatures, being the game’s NFTs, Axie Infinity allows players to profit in different ways which include creating “choices”, crossing creatures or performing other activities in the game. Currently, there are people with very detailed plans to achieve a big monthly profit with the title.

Bomb Crypto

(credit: Bomb Crypto/Play)
(credit: Bomb Crypto/Play)

Bomb Crypto is another of today’s NFT sensations. The title is a great success with several players, being an NFT game directly inspired by the classic bomberman. In Bomb Crypto, game characters must perform actions to break blocks while automatically mining for players. Inspired by Bomberman, the characters use bombs to destroy obstacles, thus moving around in a maze.

While mining, characters find BCOIN, the in-game currency that players can profit from. It is important to remember that Bomb Crypto requires an initial investment for the player to own characters, as a greater investment can mean less time until it is possible to profit from the title. The game features different characters, each with rarity and attribute types, which makes these elements make a difference in how much the player can earn per month with the game.

To learn more about Bomb Crypto visit the link below.

Light Nite

(credit: Light Nite/Play)
(credit: Light Nite/Play)

Light Nite is an interesting NFT game because it fits into a genre that is little used in this market. The title is actually a battle royale, Fortnite style, with its own cartoonish look. With flashy and somewhat funny characters, the game has the gameplay of the battle royale genre, being a third-person shooter game.

Light Nite follows the well-known workings of battle royale, placing players on a map, after getting out of a plane, while the objective is to be the last player alive. The difference is that every skin, weapon and item in the game can be bought/sold on the Lighting Network, a platform that works as a game marketplace. With in-game micro-transactions, players can find ways to profit from the NFT title.

Crypto Cars

(credits: Crypto Cars/Reproduction)
(credits: Crypto Cars/Reproduction)

Crypto Cars is one of the most famous NFT games today, being a title that can also offer a great financial return to players. However, it is worth remembering that starting with the title may require an investment considered a little high.

In Crypto Cars, the player must build your own vehicles to run races with other players or against the machine, in addition to virtual races. Each car has attributes like speed, stability and more, which makes certain vehicles better than others, which totally influences racing. In the game, the vehicles are the NFT, that is, each vehicle is unique and only belongs to a single player.

With the possibility to sell and buy car parts within the game, races and other elements, the title offers different staking methods. It is worth remembering that this is one of the games that the more you play, the more you can profit, but the title is also known for not requiring as much time from players.

Crypto Planes

(credit: Crypto Planes/Reproduction)
(credit: Crypto Planes/Reproduction)

Crypto Planes is another interesting game, working in the same way as Crypto Cars. Even the two games are part of the same metaverse called Crypto City.

The game has the same characteristics as the car title, but in Crypto Planes the NFT are planes. In the game, vehicles also have their own attributes, which directly influence the results that the player can obtain.

BĂ´nus: The Crypto You

(credit: The Crypto You/Reproduction)
(credit: The Crypto You/Reproduction)

The Crypto You is a promising NFT game recently released. Being a recently released title, the game already stands out as a good option for players looking to profit in the NFT market.

In The Crypto You, the player must accumulate babies, the great characters of the game, with each one of them. having its own attributes and characteristics. With class, rarity and attributes, these babies live in a world where cryptocurrencies are the biggest resource out there. In this way, the little ones do everything to fight invaders who want to steal this wealth. Facing enemies, getting items and carrying out daily missions with babies, the player finds different ways to profit from the game.

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