Derrick Rose hopes to return after the All-Star Game | NBA

When he had surgery on his right ankle on December 22, Derrick Rose knew he would be out for at least eight weeks. More than five weeks after being on the pool table, the Knicks point guard is on schedule.

Nevertheless, he should not return before the announced two months. “Shortly after the All-Star Game”, he says to the New York Post, as the Knicks resume Feb. 25 at Madison Square Garden against the Heat.

The 2011 MVP also explained how much this operation, which removed a bone growth, was a release for him. He was indeed embarrassed for many weeks by his joint since he dated his first pain from a match in Chicago on November 21, a month before having surgery.

“I felt relieved after the operation, really,” he says. “I tried to ignore the pain, but when I was on the court, I thought about it all the time. I tried everything, “strapping” my ankle for the matches, even afterwards because I was in extremely pain. So, faced with that, I had to stop playing. It was time. I had never felt such pain. »

Derrick Rose then began rehabilitation. A process that is always too long for athletes, but which the former Chicago star knows well.

“It’s a long time, I still have scars. But I was able to take off my protective shoe and it feels good not to sleep in them anymore. Afterwards, it’s boring, but I was prepared for it. I quickly adopted this state of mind. This is my fifth or sixth rehab, I can’t complain or overdo it. I have to do it, that’s all. »

Derrick RosePercentageBounces
2010-11 SPEND813744.533.
2017-18 *All Teams251743.523.387.
2017-18 *CLE161943.925.
2017-18 *MIN91242.616.7100.
2020-21 *All Teams502647.038.886.
2020-21 *NYK352748.741.
2020-21 *THE152342.933.384.

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