Pure Star Wars vibes in SWTOR Legacy of the Sith addon trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic steps up a gear with The Legacy of the Sith. The latest addon for the MMORPG will be available on February 15, 2022 and continues the story of the Onslaught expansion. How the story unfolds for you will of course depend on whether you joined the Republic or the Sith Empire. The focal point of Legacy of the Sith is the aquatic planet Manaan, but you’ll also travel to Elom. The tracks of the Sith Lord Darth Malgus will lead you there.

Legacy of the Sith costs nothing extra as an expansion, but of course you must have a paid subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We think a month should be enough for around 13 euros. All other information about new Legacy of the Sith features and changes to classes, loot system, PvP and more is also available from our colleagues.
To find out what kind of Star Wars games you can expect in the future, check out our big preview. Electronic Arts recently announced that the studio behind Jedi: Fallen Order is working on three different Star Wars games: Respawn Entertainment.

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