Why am I still watching the Canadiens?

Do you still watch Canadian games? I do. Why ? Good question. I wonder that too. Why watch the matches of a club that loses all the time? Thirty-four losses in 42 games. That’s 80% wasted evenings. It’s full of little disappointments before going to bed. When there is so much better to see, to read, to listen to, to enjoy. Why inflict such an unfortunate spectacle on yourself?

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We are only halfway through the season and everything is already decided, everything is already lost. There are about forty games left, without any meaning. And what is most depressing in all this is that I am afraid to continue to follow them anyway. Why ? What is my problem? Am I that clueless?

There are some who console themselves for the setbacks of the CH by saying to themselves that it increases their chances of obtaining the first choice in the next draft. True. Only by losing can he still win something.

But even knowing that, you don’t sit in front of a screen wishing your favorite club were outplayed. The players don’t need me to be rotten. It’s not true that I’m going to rejoice for every goal they miss. The head is strategic. The heart is not.

When you sacrifice three hours of your life, it’s not to satisfy your head, it’s to please your heart. So what am I doing wasting my time three times a week? Am I too loser what them?

If at least there was one player, only one, who gave a good show. In Edmonton, too, they’ve been losing often, for quite some time, but there’s Connor McDavid to give the fans a thrill. With us, no one. Only the organist Diane Bibaud puts the pedal to the back. The rest is limited to flashs, here and there. A nice save from Montembeault. A good shot from Suzuki. A big effort from Pezzetta. We have come to that. To appreciate the abnegation of the vanquished.

The more I write, the less I know why I’m here when the Canadiens are there. Not even complete. Why does his fate still interest me? Minute by minute, until the end siren.

When something cannot be explained, only one reason is possible: love. And not just a love affair. Gotta love the rare CH to watch it go this year. It takes unconditional love. It’s not confusing, the Canadian is my child. And I’m the parent who freezes them at the arena. Because I love him, boy!

He may skate on the boot, shoot to the side, get stuck in the blue line, I don’t let go. Good weather, bad weather. This is my kid. I will not adopt the neighbor, even if he is much better than him. Little Colorado or big Tampa Bay. Mine is the Canadian, so I manage with that.

We are many parents to have the CH in shared custody. If we rely on the ratings of the matches broadcast on RDS and TVA Sports, a few hundred thousand. Less than before. But a big gang CH for the poor show presented.

The question is to know: we will endure the lack of talent of our little one for how long? If we forget the miracle of Saint-Jean, it starts to make a jolt that we are caught in the tunnel. And the light that we see at the end is the red light of the opponent who has just scored.

The Canadian is a family affair. Many observers do not understand why it takes up so much space in the media landscape. It’s because it’s been around for 113 years. That’s a long time, 113 years, in a country 155 years old. It digs long roots. From dynasty to dynasty, he has created such a strong sense of belonging that many will be watching him lose on Saturday. I know, you never know. So much the better if he makes me lie.

If he wins, it will be good. But that won’t change anything. No one will go scared and predict the Stanley Cup. This season, we can’t even dream. Not even fabricate. This is the greatest danger. Not being able to be passionate. In the long run, it kills love, no matter how great.

At some point, we can say to our child: you might be better at soccer.

Never take the fan for granted.

Owner, senior vice-president of hockey operations, general manager, if the fans are still hooked, it’s because of Richard, Béliveau, Dryden, Lafleur, Savard, Robinson, Roy… You owe them a lot. Never manage this team as if it all started with you.

Those who have known the great years have a tight bond. The new generations are likely to disembark more easily. There is less and less time left to save what the Canadian is.

Good game to all those who will watch it!

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