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Can we win at the Warriors without an outside shot? In addition when we play on the back posts. Gary Payton II probably wondered, and to give himself the best chance of staying at Golden State, he decided to redouble his efforts in training, focusing on corner shots, there. where you usually find an Andre Iguodala, or a Harrison Barnes a few years ago. The goal is not to be the third “Splash Brother”, but to be able to sanction the defenses that have left him free since his arrival in the NBA.

Result: he shoots 64% this season, including 38% from 3-pointers. In five years, he had shot only 86 times from 3-pointers. After 30 matches, he is already at 79 shots.

“He worked on his shooting, and he started the season with a lot of confidence” stresses Steve Kerr. “He does a great job of taking the shots that come his way, and moving the ball around when the pass is needed. He just understands what his role is, and as a result, he gets good shots. When he takes a shot, he’s usually unmarked and on pace. »

“He’s going to be in the NBA for a very long time. What a find of our leaders! »

Until then, Gary Payton II was renowned for his athletic and defensive qualities, and he could not find his role in attack. He is not a shooter, nor a passer leader. Difficult in these conditions to break into the NBA when you measure less than 1m90. But at Golden State, he found his role in off-ball play, and he was rewarded with a contract until the end of the season.

“Since he’s been here, I’ve seen him work on his shot every day” testifies Klay Thompson. “His athleticism is crazy, and he’s going to be in the NBA for a long time, and he’s going to be a really great player there. Especially if he becomes regular at 3-pointers. What a find of our leaders! »

A beautiful story for “this son of” whose father is a legend in the Bay of San Francisco. If he has therefore progressed in shooting, the fact remains that he still has to progress. As proof, this 57% in free throws which could play tricks on him while his aggressiveness towards the circle could bring him more often on the line.

“I want to stay at Golden State after this season, for several years, until the time comes to retire here” concludes the son of the former leader of the Sonics. “I know I’ve said it ten times before, but I know it fits, and frankly, I feel like home. »

Gary Payton IIPercentageBounces
2017-18 *All Teams231040.524.
2017-18 *THOUSAND12939.416.766.
2017-18 *LAL111141.530.816.

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