New Support “Renata” – First League of Legends Enchanter Leaks

Riot Games has already announced the arrival of a support to break the stereotype of the Enchanter in LoL. Renata will take care of this task.

In Riot Games’ opening video for the new LoL season in 2022, they talked about new champions. In addition to a jungler, they also gave more information on a support champion.

another enchanter

In the opening video, Ryan ” Reav3 Mireles, the lead champions producer, talked about the new champions that are expected to appear this year. On the one hand, he announced Zeri, which is now playable, but on the other hand, he also mentioned an upcoming support.

The Riot Games team looked into Enchanting champions, Mireles explains. Enchanters are a kind of support champions who have to help bot-lans with their skills, shields and healing. Lulu, Sona, and Karma are examples of enchanters. LoL developers have found that their enchanters all look very similar. They are always positive and friendly creatures.

They want to change that with their new medium. The producer describes a champion that players feel strong with or “like a boss.” The character must therefore be darker and more original.

This is how Renata should be

Other than a photo of the support’s hand, there was no other information. At first, many assumed the new character was Corina Veraza from Legends of Runeterra, also a game from Riot Games. His robotic arm also hinted at a certain resemblance.

But today the first leaks have appeared and, through them, we can guess that Riot Games is developing a brand new champion. In a leaked skin on Twitter, the Enchanter’s supposed name ” Renata ” was discovered.

We also learn that it should appear in the 12.5 update of League of Legends. Another leak comes from a Chinese version of the mobile game Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ auto-chess game. A dataminer has already been able to find Renata there.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the champion’s abilities, but it’s clear that League of Legends wants to try something new here for Enchant fans. No release date has been set yet, but if Renata does appear in patch 12.5, we can expect her on March 2 in LoL.

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