Lost Ark: Assassin class deals devastating damage

Spectacular effects, devastating attacks: As a DPS class, the Assassin is formidable. Arekkz Gaming shows the peculiarities of the Damage Dealer. The six-minute Lost Ark video was sponsored by Amazon and released as an official part of the MMORPG’s publicity machinery.

The assassin is one of the five basic classes of Lost Ark, you can then choose one of the two subclasses: Shadow Hunter or Death Blade. Both use demonic powers to good effect and have some of the most spectacular attacks in the game. quickly get out of tricky situations thanks to your good dodging skills. The assassin’s main attribute is dexterity.

While the easy-to-play Shadow Hunter summons demonic forms and must fill the so-called “Shadow Burst” gauge by first taking on a human form, the Death Blade subclass is more for experienced players. She attacks with three swords, two short and one long. Shortsword abilities allow you to stun or pull enemies in (crowd control) before finishing them off with the longsword. To get the deadliest combos, you must first fill the “Death Blade Arts” gauge with regular attacks.

Lost Ark will be released on February 11, 2022 and will be free.

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