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Game after game, week after week, Stephen Curry has slipped in the MVP race, and in January he’s running 29% from 3-pointers, and he’d just been an awful 3-of-23 from afar in the last two games. of Warriors. But tonight, against Wolves, he regained some of his luster, and he signs one of his most convincing matches for a long time.

Alongside his “Splash Brother”, he has 29 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, all 50% on shots, with a nice 6 of 10 from 3-point range. Curry had not reached 60% at 3-pointers since November 17! We even had a little unprecedented celebration in the 3rd quarter. As if the interested party needed to free themselves, to relax.

“Without Draymond, the rhythm is different in attack and the systems are different”

“There are a lot of changes, every game, with different fives, and since Draymond is not there, the guys have to step up their game” he explains about Golden State’s recent worries. “There’s Klay who can’t play back-to-back. Andre is not there. Otto enters then exits. Each time, the fives and the rotations are random, and we know that we haven’t played our best basketball in the last three weeks. But we’re just trying to find a way out and I think we’re doing it pretty well. »

Last night, we found a Stephen Curry in rhythm, in his races and his shots, and when he hits the mark in first intention, it is the sign of a good evening. To Chris Mullin who questions him, he explains how he manages not to give in to the gloom.

“I try to keep confidence in my shooting. It’s frustrating but I’m never worried. I set the bar really high for myself, but you know without Draymond the pace is different on offense and the systems are different” he continues. “I have the ball more in hand, and the defense is still tight on me. Draymond does simple things using his teammates. He makes quick but simple decisions that lead to open shots, and it works. I try to bring my share of creation, while remaining myself. »

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