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It was after his nap that Andrew Wiggins learned from his partner that he was selected directly for the All-Star Game. Eight years after his Draft, the former high school star won his first star, and all the Warriors were overjoyed for him. Starting with Steve Kerr.

“It’s one of the moments I’m most proud of as a coach because I’ve seen what Wiggs has achieved since he arrived here two years ago.” said Steve Kerr. “The path he has traveled has been rocky at times, and when I see how hard he has worked and that work is rewarding, I couldn’t be happier for him. The whole franchise is shining right now because of what Wiggs means to us, but more importantly because of how he carries himself every day. He’s a great guy, he deserves it and we’re all happy for him. »

The ideal profile to partially compensate for the losses of Thompson, Durant and Iguodala

Having become one of the best “two-way player” in the NBA, Andrew Wiggins flourished in the Warriors collective, and he has never been so skilful in his career to the point of even being the 3-man shooter. – team points!

“What we envisioned was that Wiggs would replace some of the stature and athleticism that we had lost on the outside between Klay’s injury [Thompson], the retirement of Shaun Livingston, the departure [de Kevin Durant], departure [d’Andre Iguodala]… We had lost so much defense and size on the wing, and Wiggs fit the profile we were looking for”.

When Andrew Wiggins arrives, in exchange for D’Angelo Russell, he is not at his best mentally. The star of high school students is considered an overrated player, little involved in defense, and without leadership. But Golden State, the environment will change everything.

Happiness alongside the “Splash Brothers”

“We thought he was still young, that he could fit into our system” continues Steve Kerr. “Over time, he would play with Steph and Klay and adapt to certain things that we were doing. He would also add some things that we didn’t have: his ability to penetrate, his ability to go to the circle. We needed that too. I think it’s mostly because Wiggs works every day and has earned not only the All-Star spot but also the position he has on our team, which is number 1 defenseman, while being an essential cog in attack. »

Andrew Wiggins acknowledges that playing for Steve Kerr, alongside the “Splash Brothers”, allowed him to take a step forward.

“It’s unique! The NBA has never had shooters like them. Playing alongside them is happiness. You never know what’s going to happen, you never know what crazy shots they’re going to put on.” he concludes, before discussing his selection “It matters more than anything. It’s always been a goal of mine, and I gave it my all to give myself a shot at being All-Star. I never took that for granted. »

Andrew WigginsPercentageBounces
2019-20 *All Teams543444.733.
2019-20 *MIN423544.433.
2019-20 *GOS123445.733.967.

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