Atari launches special collection of NFTs in celebration of 50 years

Atari is turning 50, and to celebrate, the game developer is combining NFTs with lootboxes. To make this possible, the company has partnered with Republic Realm, “one of the most active developers of the metaverse and the NFT ecosystem, to sell a collection called “GFTs”.

The collection created by Atari and Republic Realm is described as boxes that contain gift NFTs. Since they are lootboxes, you don’t know what’s inside.

When will the NFTs be revealed and how will the surprise be made?

According to Atari, there will be a specific date for the NFT to be “unwrapped”. With this, several NFTs based on Atari 50th Anniversary titles will be revealed. There will be “common, rare, or epic” GFTs. According to the information, there is a less than 5% chance of an NFT being “rare” and less than a 1% chance of being “epic”.

Arati’s NFT buying system encourages people to buy multiple GFTs and promises those who buy four will get a surprise fifth GFT. Anyone who owns a GFT or more will be able to participate in game competitions with higher scores offering special rewards. In addition, there will be a Discord server dedicated to trading with other people.

Metaverso da Atari

According to Atari, the owners of their GFTs will have access to things to come in their metaverse. However, it is not yet known what this means or what Atari’s metaverse will look like.

Atari CEO Wade Rosen says:

“The Atari brand is synonymous with video games, and video games are the backbone of the metaverse. What better way to celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary than ushering in a new era of technological innovation while honoring the brand that launched the modern video game industry?”

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