World Beyond (2020) watch online all series

A story about the life of the first generation, who grew up in a world captured by zombies. Iris and Hope Bennet, along with other teenagers, go in search of their father, who has signaled for help.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

TV series The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020) watch all episodes

In the TV series The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020), after the zombie apocalypse happened, people finally learned how to survive in a deserted world. They rallied into settlements, built protective walls, even established infrastructure within communities. Gradually, the Union of Three was formed, which included Portland, Omaha and the so-called Civil Republic. The Republicans remain in touch with the rest, although they are in no hurry to spread their location and the number of their settlers. Hope and Iris Bennett live on the Omaha campus. Their biologist father was taken away by the military of the Republic in order to help each other and develop a vaccine against the virus. But the man no longer tried to contact his daughters. Iris believes in a shared future to be built.

Hope is the complete opposite of her, she believes that they are being kept as guinea pigs and that the Republicans are clearly hiding something. So when their representative Lieutenant Colonel Kublek arrives in Omaha, the girl is almost sure that they have hidden plans. Suspicions are heightened when the sisters realize that their father is in some unknown danger. They decide to go looking for him, teaming up with friends Elton and Silos, and find out what’s going on between the alliance of communes. To do this, teenagers will have to go beyond the wall. Watch online the series The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (2020) all seasons all series in a row in Russian and in the original language with subtitles. The video is fully available in high quality HD 720p and FullHD 1080p absolutely free. Viewing is possible on mobile phones: Apple iOS iPhone, iPad tablet, on systems running Android, as well as on Smart TVs.

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