Already in the infirmary, Derrick Jones Jr. is injured in training | NBA

We don’t know if it’s on one of his overpowered dunks that Derrick Jones Jr has fractured the index finger of his right hand at Bulls practice. Still, it’s a new blow for Chicago which recently lost Alex Caruso (wrist) and Lonzo Ball (knee), also to injuries.

In the infirmary since January 13 for a period of four to six weeks, Derrick Jones Jr. will have to take his troubles patiently since his absence could now last two months. For now, his index finger will be immobilized in a splint. The franchise, however, has opened up the possibility of having him play with a protective brace and therefore reduce the duration of his unavailability. To be continued…

Derrick JonesPercentageBounces
2017-18 *All Teams201239.616.766.
2017-18 *MY141538.818.861.
2017-18 *PHX6650.

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