Warm Snow: the stylish action-RPG seduces thousands of players on Steam

Warm Snow combines rogue-like with role-playing elements and excites thousands of players on Steam. We explain what it is about this hit.

On Steam, it is possible to find, apart from the big hits, real indie gems that are making a name for themselves, especially virally, and thus becoming hits on the Valve platform. This is the case of Warm Snow, which is certainly strongly reminiscent of Hades at first glance, but which can quite stand on its own two feet.

To start, here’s a stylish trailer that will give you a little taste of the visuals and gameplay:

What is it in Warm Snow?

In Warm Snow, you play as the brave warrior Bi-an, who sets out through a dark fantasy world to find a solution to the strange snowfall. To achieve this goal, sooner or later he will have to face five great clans before the world descends into chaos for good.

At the heart of Warm Snow is fast-paced, action-packed combat against all sorts of creatures and human opponents. Of course, very hard boss fights also await you, whose long life bar almost encourages surrender. To keep the game always fresh, even after several plays, the levels are created and assembled from randomly generated elements, as the genre demands.

During your journey, you will grow stronger and gain skill points which you can freely distribute among three trees. You will also find new weapons and “relics” that will give you additional bonuses. So you see that the comparison with Hades is not fortuitous.

The team numbers speak for themselves

Warm Snow is currently very well received by gamers of

At (Steam). This could be because a free demo lets you test the game before buying it. In many cases, the answer seems to be yes, because last week the game even climbed to 9th place in the bestseller chart (Steam).

Currently, Warm Snow may even surpass the indie hit Hades in terms of player count.
Currently, Warm Snow may even surpass the indie hit Hades in terms of player count.

What is praised, what is criticized Of the over 4900 reviews posted on Steam, over 90% are positive. Overall, Warm Snow is therefore very well received by players.

The fast-paced fights and the very pleasant graphic style are particularly well received. But the open character system with its improvements and thus possible builds is also pleasing. Those who wish can therefore really immerse themselves in the system.

But there are also a few criticisms that keep coming up: On the one hand, there are still annoying bugs, some of which are even so bad that boss fights can’t be completed and therefore have to be started again – that’s annoying! On the other hand, the plot hasn’t really taken off and, in comparison to Hades, is rather poor.

For the short to medium term future, the developers have already hinted at further content in the form of updates and DLCs – statements do not indicate whether the former will be free. The DLCs, on the other hand, will be paid and will provide new relics, new NPCs and new weapons.

An important note to end : according to users, it is mainly the European variant of the game that currently has to fight against the boss fight bug mentioned above. So try the demo before buying and be aware that you may have to wait for a patch that will fix the problem

Have you ever played Warm Snow and can you tell us about your experience? Or does the oriental atmosphere rather put you off, which is why you continue to play Hades and others? Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments!

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