5 Reasons to Watch This Is Us Today on Star+

He remembers a while ago that it was difficult to choose a series to watch because many did not have cable TV to accompany a production on the broadcasters’ grid, others had to go to a video store to be able to consume any extra content – and of course, many of have we used the “informal market” of downloads for years to have access to series and films produced outside Brazil?

In 2022 we live in a similar kind of dilemma, however, now we have so much, so much available to see that we end up wondering what to start seeing next. Or are you going to say that you’ve never caught yourself more than 10 minutes walking through the catalogs of Netflix, Disney, Star+, HBOMax and so many other streaming services available?

Thinking of helping you, Oficina da Net will bring you 5 REASONS to watch a lot of good series that, I’m sure, won’t disappoint you. And today we’re going to talk about This Is Us – the NBC series with an 8.6 rating on IMDb that is the most successful and if you haven’t started yet, you need to do it today!

What is This Is Us about?

As the name says “That’s us”. This Is Us is a series about family, about unique moments, good times and bad times. The plot tells the story of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their three children (Kevin, Kate and Randall). The triplets pregnancy had a setback in childbirth, which was promptly “corrected” for life through Randall’s arrival in the family. The growth of the children, the differences in evidence, the personality of each one – all this is shown to the viewers with mastery and quality of detail.

5 Reasons to Watch This Is Us

A series about family

Who doesn’t like a real-life drama? Of course, This Is Us is a fictional story, but a good connection between the stories makes you at the same time identify with the scenes shown and also briefly forget your problems while watching. This Is Us talks about love between parents and children, love between couples, struggles and arguments and speaks, inevitably, of the pain of death.

Pearson family

Great series to get emotional

Emotion is not lacking. If you like inspiring stories, emotional moments and renewing your stock of tears in front of the TV, This is Us is a full plate.

You can easily be found in a position like this to cry watching This Is Us
You can easily be found in a position like this to cry watching This Is Us

Wonderful cast and acting

The emotion mentioned above is the result of the sum of at least three metrics: A good story, good script and a good performance of the characters. This is a high point of This Is Us. Without a doubt, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Mandy Moore (A Love to Remember), Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther), Chrissy Metz (American Horror History), Justin Hartley (Smallville), Chris Sullivan (The Knick) are key players. to the success of This Is Us. The journeys of Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate and Kevin are brilliantly interpreted from the first episode to the most recent with sensitivity, delivery and a lot of professionalism. You may not even know any of them before This Is Us, but you will surely know that “That was Randall from This Is Us”, for example.

Is there anyone who doesn't like Jack and Rebecca Pearson?
Is there anyone who doesn’t like Jack and Rebecca Pearson?

production quality

Just like acting, a good series depends on a great production – which includes the “round” script in a story that makes sense, without loose ends or arcs that don’t close. In This is Us absolutely everything is resolved, and with each new episode you are surprised by new touches. The series is in its final season and I have no doubt, it will be missed.

In each new season, This Is Us features some more than special guest, like none other than Sylvester Stallone.
In each new season, This Is Us features some more than special guest, like none other than Sylvester Stallone.

Collective and individual awards

The sum of everything mentioned above results in individual and collective nominations and awards. Sterling K. Brown, aka Randall, has already taken home a Golden Globe and Ammy and a Critics’ Choice for his character. Guest star Ron Cephas Jones has two Emmys as a guest star. Another guest star, Gerald McRaney was also awarded the same award once.

The series also won the 2018 American Film Institute’s Best Drama Series award.

Sterling K. Brown receives a Golden Globe for his performance in This is Us
Sterling K. Brown receives a Golden Globe for his performance in This is Us

Where to watch?

This Is Us is available in Brazil in two ways: the first is through Amazon’s Prime Video. There the user finds the first 5 seasons of the series. But it will likely have to wait a few months to receive season 6 – which has been showing in the US weekly since January 12th. But Brazilian users who subscribe to the Star+ service can watch season 6 episodes every Thursday., which is when the service makes a new episode of the last season available.

Did you like the reasons to see This Is Us? Last week we posted a guide to convince you to watch this fantastic NBC series. And it’s worth remembering that here at Oficina da Net we have dozens of entertainment articles and tips to help you choose your next favorite series.

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