This weird keyboard is so fast it’s banned in speed contests

This very original keyboard called CharaChorder has no equivalent on the market. And yet, its designers promise that with it you’ll be able to type at speeds as fast as your mind. So fast that the Monkeytype website bans it from its typing speed contests.

The CharaChorder keyboard (formed from the English words character and chording) achieves typing speeds with two simple features.

The first, hardware, is that the keys of the classic QWERTY keyboard are replaced by 18 small joysticks – similar to gamepads – for each of the fingers that move them up, down, left and right. Each position represents a letter or command.

Great advantage of this arrangement, your fingers which do not leave the 18 keys give access to more than 300 entries. More so, the CharaChorder allows you to type keys simultaneously.

18-stick character layout


18-stick character layout

The second, software, consists in accelerating character recognition, so the user can type all the letters of a word in a single movement that the internal processor of the CharaChorder will organize in real time on the screen.

The user has the choice of typing the characters individually, as on an ordinary keyboard, or pressing all the letters of the words simultaneously.

Like the autocorrect dictionary in your Word texter, words are corrected for you.

Due to the minimal time between keystrokes, this method of entry is not permitted in typing speed contests.

Longer learning curve

With this extraordinary keyboard, you have to completely relearn how to type. The designer offers a practice module to achieve writing speed and accuracy.

Learning module


Learning module

The site doesn’t list system requirements or supported languages, but another site says it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. These elements will be added here as soon as they have been sent to me.


Given the performance promised by this keyboard, orders have poured in on the CharaChorder site, so the keyboard is out of stock.

Sold for US$250, the orders current will be met in April, can we read on the site.

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