Microsoft Edge gets new sidebar quick actions menu

Microsoft Edge is getting a right sidebar for quick actions. With the new bar, Microsoft seeks to reduce the clutter in the browser, which will include functions such as Games Panel and the guide “Discover” (Discover) (previously accessible only through the dedicated menu in the toolbar).

Originally released in 2020, Microsoft Edge has been updated with features like vertical tabs, collections, and more. In an attempt to attract users, Microsoft has implemented a new sidebar that will serve to monitor the internet connection, to play games, among other situations.

New features with the arrival of the new sidebar

The “Discover” feature serves to indicate related sites and can be based on the “new” RSS feed. Based on the first screenshots showing the functionality, it seems that this function will bring a new way to follow other content published on the internet.

New sidebar menu in Microsoft Edge.

Another quick sidebar button is Microsoft Rewards where the user can track and manage their Rewards points. Finally, we still have a Bing-based tool to test the performance of the internet connection.

The new Microsoft Edge sidebar will contain the games panel and will give you the opportunity to play MSN web-based games such as Solitaire and Mahjong Arcade. However, when selecting a title, another tab will be opened instead of running inside the bar itself.

Launch and availability

The new sidebar is still being tested on Edge Canary and it is not known exactly when it will be made available to everyone. It is interesting to know that it is possible, if the user wants to, to disable this bar in the appearance tab in the Edge settings.

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