Liberals back streetcar despite bad polls

The rejection of the tram by a majority of the population of Quebec does not discourage elected Liberals, who support the project despite the bad polls.

The Liberal leader, Dominique Anglade, reiterated her support for the project on Tuesday, the day after the unveiling of a probe commissioned by the City of Quebec which shows that only 41% of the population is now in favor.

“The idea is not to manage by polls, but to manage for the future, to think about the future. We think that the Capitale-Nationale needs a structuring network, and the tram is an intrinsic part of that,” said Anglade at the opening of the caucus of its formation, with a view to the return to parliament.

The Liberal troops thus join the Legault government, which again confirmed its support for the project on Tuesday, after the publication of the results.

For Dominique Anglade, the two-day virtual caucus will be an opportunity to take stock in view of the general elections next fall.

The Liberal leader again tried on Tuesday to define her main opponent, François Legault, and to present his training as the only alternative to the CAQ government.

“We are the alternative,” said England. In 2022, Quebecers will have a choice, a choice between the Legault government, which is paternalistic, a government that is not listening, a government that has managed on a small-scale basis by polls, versus a progressive government, who is open, who wants transparency and who is able to be very inclusive to arrive at solutions that will meet the needs of the population.”

A recruitment website

Dominique Anglade also took advantage of his platform to comment on the launch of the platform, on which the population is invited to stand as a candidate or to make known a possible candidacy for the Liberal Party of Quebec in the next election.

The liberal leader ensures that recruitment is going well despite this appeal to all launched to the public.

“There are hundreds of people who raised their hands” to stand as candidates in the 125 constituencies, assures Dominique Anglade.

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