Canada’s image diplomacy

NATO is sending ships and planes to Eastern Europe. The United States evacuates the families of its diplomats.

And Canada? He reflects, boasts of his $120 million loan to stabilize the economy of the fragile democracy.

This help is certainly welcome, but faced with the existential threat of a Russian invasion, we are far from the “Canada is back” promised at one time by Justin Trudeau.

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, may have the mandate to restore Canada’s strategic image, but the current crisis illustrates the weakness of the Trudeau government on the international scene.


No one ever imagined that Canada would play a central role in this conflict.

But when a country describes itself as one of Ukraine’s strongest allies, it should at least articulate a coherent policy.

However, while Mélanie Joly struggles to build her credibility, the Liberals find nothing better than to play Twitter diplomacy.

This is how on Ukrainian Unity Day, a bunch of Liberal ministers and MPs made a big gesture: tweets with a #SupportUkraine poster.

Seriously, we are not here in a fundraiser for cancer! Ukraine is not Charlie Hedbo, mobilization on social networks will have no influence on the outcome of the conflict!

But for too long, our governments have been fueled by this pseudo-diplomacy of hashtag. Chrystia Freeland had played the braggart against Saudi Arabia on Twitter, without a concrete solution to fight against repression there. John Baird had his photo taken with protesters in Kiev in 2013.

Behind the scenes, it is said that the retirement of the Trudeau cabinet will make it possible to decide on the continuation of its commitment in Ukraine.

Imagine if for once, the response lived up to the rhetoric…

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