CoD: Warzone – New Bug! Invisible gas ruins matches

A new bug has appeared in CoD

: Warzone. An invisible gas appears randomly and terrorizes players.

A new bug has appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone. It seems that an invisible gas appears randomly in the Battle Royal, which could be particularly annoying for players.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been plagued with numerous bugs since the Pacific update. CoD players pay the price. Currently, a new bug is appearing in Warzone which may be annoying for players. In a short clip posted on Reddit on Sunday, the bug is visible. Shortly after landing, the player finds themselves in a building and suddenly takes damage from all directions.

The damage comes from a gas that is not visible on the screen. Normally, gas appears in the Warzone as a green mist. The bug, meanwhile, makes the noxious gas invisible and undetectable to players. CoD players lose life points as a result. It is hardly possible to escape, because the radius of the mysterious fog is unknown.

This bug does not seem to be an isolated case, as other players have also reported the presence of this invisible gas. The mist seems to come out of nowhere and terrorize players. Some players are certain that the bug occurs when the “Stopping Power Rounds” field armor is used. This bug is currently an unintended, game-defining error that should be fixed.

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