A donation of $1 million

The Faculty of Law at Université Laval has just received, for the first time in its history, an individual donation of $1 million. After 42 years as a teacher, Jacques Deslauriers (photo) has thus become the most generous individual donor of the Faculty and is one of the exceptional donors of the Fondation de l’Université Laval. Emeritus professor and committed man, Jacques Deslauriers was able to pass on his passion for Quebec civil law to an entire generation. Professor retired since 2013, his expertise and the quality of his teaching have been recognized many times by the academic and professional community. Its implications have also earned it prestigious awards. Intended for its eponymous Fund, this remarkable contribution will encourage students of the Faculty of Law through scholarship programs, support research and the holding of educational, training and professional development activities, and perpetuate the updating works published by Mr. Deslauriers.

Living room

The Monastère des Augustines restaurant, located in the old wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, is currently being renovated in order to offer guests staying an innovative dining concept that places conscious eating, healing and education at the heart of their experience. Le Vivoir (the name of the restaurant) will include spaces for reading, creation and culinary workshops (coming soon), as well as a boutique and a service counter. The place, completely renovated and enlarged, will be conducive to relaxation, exchanges and internalization. The integration of artefacts as well as the choice of colors and materials have been thought out in order to highlight the heritage of the Augustines. Museology and historical reminders will thus be integrated into the decor and educational tools in global health. Courses, workshops and round tables with chefs will be on the agenda.

Change at the FPQ

Mr. Bruno Caron of the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec (FPQ) recently announced the appointment of Me Dominic Dugré (left picture) as the organization’s executive director. Marc Plourde (right picture), hired by the FPQ in 1999 and who successively held the positions of assistant director (2000), director general (2004) and president and director general (since 2008), will continue to assume the functions of executive president and will be in charge of certain strategic files for the industry. He will also participate in ensuring a complete transition of his functions with Dominic Dugré. The latter has held the position of legal advisor to the FPQ since 2000 and that of secretary general since 2007.

In memory

January 25, 1946. A violent fire broke out in the Meubles Légaré store located at the corner of Saint-Dominique and Saint-Aimé streets in Jonquière, Saguenay. It devastates a dozen department stores and other small establishments in Jonquière, causing losses estimated at $600,000.


René-Charles Dion Angelil (photo), son of Céline Dion and René Angelil, 21 years old…Andrée Watters, rock singer (country-rock), 39 years old…Alicia Keys, American singer, 41 years old…Charlène Lynette Wittstock, Her Highness serene Princess Charlene of Monaco, princess consort, 44 years old…Mario Brunetta, ex-NHL goalkeeper (1987-90) Nordiques), architectural technician, 55 years old…Chris Chelios, ex-defender of the NHL, with the Canadiens from 1983 to 1990, 60 years old… Claude Mailhot, ex-commentator at the Sports Network (RDS), 74 years old.


January 25, 2017: Benoit Aubin (photo), 68 years old, distinguished journalist and columnist at Quebec newspaper and Montreal Journal… 2018 : Tommy Banks, 81 years old, pianist, conductor, arranger, composer and Canadian senator… 2017: Mary Tyler Moore, 80 year old American actress The Mary Tyler Moore Show… 2017 : Marcel Prudhomme, 82 years old, former senator and former deputy for the constituency of Saint-Denis… 2016: Denise Duval, 94 years old, French soprano… 2015: Demis Roussos, 68 years old, Greek singer… 2014: Vincent Joly, 83 years old, announcer at Radio-Canada Québec… 2013: Martial Asselin, 88 years old, lawyer, senator and Quebec politician… 2013: Normand Corbeil, 56 years old, Quebec composer… 2013: John Wood, 62 years old, Canadian kayaker, Olympic silver medalist in 1976… 2011: Audrey Best, 50 years old, the ex-wife of Lucien Bouchard… 2006: Claude Gosselin, businessman from Lévis… 1990: Ava Gardner, 67-year-old actress nicknamed in Hollywood the most beautiful woman in the world.

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