Mike Ward’s shelter offer accepted elsewhere than in Montreal

If the mayoress of Montreal again rejected comedian Mike Ward’s offer on Monday, his manager confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that other municipalities have shown interest in the 25 shelters.

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“There are municipalities that are ready to provide the land and we take care of providing the shelters,” explained Michel Grenier, who did not want to reveal the interested cities, however.

In Montreal, it is always surprising and amazing to see tents set up in freezing weather in certain areas of the city.

In the morning, our teams in the field were able to observe the presence of a tent under the Ville-Marie Expressway overpass on the edge of Saint-Antoine Street near Atwater Street.

Nobody was there, there were many objects that seem to belong to someone. If this is the case and if anyone really lives in this tent, it is worrying because last Friday, TVA Nouvelles revealed the sad fate of Stella Stosik, 64, found in critical condition outside near the metro station. Berri UQAM. She died despite the maneuvers of Urgences santé.

Comedian Mike Ward, affected by the death of this homeless woman in the last few days, offered 25 shelters [pour itinérants] that he says he gave to Valérie Plante’s team last year.

“The offer still stands. These are insulated wooden tents, heated with human body heat. We can stay comfortably until -30. Designed for the people most at risk, those who refuse to sleep in shelters, ”we read on his social networks.

The mayoress of Montreal responded to the comedian by stating that “homelessness is a complex issue that requires framed and adapted solutions”.

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