COVID: give us a more accurate picture!

There’s something I never understood during this pandemic.

Why haven’t we been given more details about the people who end up in hospital with COVID?


A hundred hospitalizations mean nothing to me.

Absolutely nothing.

Who are these people who end up in the hospital? In intensive care?

Or who, unfortunately, succumbed to the virus?

How old are they? Their medical condition?

How many of them are vaccinated? Not vaccinated?

We should have been told that every day. Instead of throwing big numbers at us that strike the imagination, but which, when you think about it, mean nothing.

Not because we want to point the finger at this or that group and distribute the blame, no. Just to get a clear picture of the situation.

Know who is most at risk, who is least at risk.

Here, we haven’t stopped telling us for some time that we can be vaccinated against COVID and still end up in the hospital, even in intensive care!

“It proves that the vaccine is not effective,” immediately said the antivax.

Hard to argue with them, right?

However, last week, journalist Pauline Gravel, from Duty, analyzed the numbers.

His conclusion: “When we look more closely, it appears that adequately vaccinated people who are struck down by COVID-19 and who end up in intensive care are all immunocompromised or immunocompromised due to an organ transplant, chemotherapy, hemodialysis or an autoimmune disease that prevented them from developing good immune defenses following the vaccination…”

That gives a much clearer picture of the situation, doesn’t it?


In Switzerland, now, we are no longer content to throw out numbers every day.

So many people hospitalized! So many dead people!

We explain them, we detail them.

It allows people to put things into perspective. To panic less.

Currently, in Quebec, if you are triple vaccinated and if your immune system is doing well, your risk of ending up in the hospital is minimal.

I quote again The duty : “We cannot say “always” in medicine, but we can say that in 99% of cases, people who develop severe COVID-19 are not vaccinated or their vaccination was ineffective due to the excessively long delay. since their last dose, due to advanced age or immunosuppression due to an underlying medical condition,” said Madeleine Durand, specialist in internal medicine at the CHUM.


Hence the question that more and more people are asking: why confine everyone, even responsible people who have done their duty as citizens and who have gone to get their three doses of vaccine, if it is a minority of people who are at risk?

Let’s demand the vaccine passport as we are doing now, let’s tighten the screw on the non-vaccinated, ask immunosuppressed people to be careful, and let the vast majority of people live normally!

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