Tom Brady and the possible end of his career: A question of doubt

Munich – The question of all questions was a few minutes later. The answer was as expected as it was unsatisfactory.

When Tom Brady was asked about his future at the press conference after the playoff exit, he reacted relatively soberly: “I haven’t thought about it much yet. We’ll see where we stand from day to day.” In his mind it was always about winning the next game.

Despite a strong comeback, the Buccaneers fail

At 27:30 his Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Los Angeles Rams did not succeed. Despite another brilliant comeback that turned a 3:27 into a 27:27 shortly before the end.

Ultimately, not enough to be victorious that day and to follow last year’s Super Bowl triumph with another deep playoff run.

Brady has one year left on contract

The Brady-“Bucs” liaison could end with a last-minute home defeat. The “GOAT” only extended its contract to 2022 last offseason.

But according to experts, the priority was to restructure the existing contract and give the franchise additional cap space for other stars to stay.

At the time, Brady posted the following link to his signature image: “In pursuit of number eight.” Now seven Super Bowl victories may remain in his vita forever.

Brady has fulfilled his official mission in Tampa Bay

Even if “TB12” has shown that even at the age of 44 he is still one of the best in his field and that he is undoubtedly capable of another successful attack on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The question is whether he wants that too.

Because Brady hasn’t had to prove anything to anyone since winning the title a year ago at the latest. Which was his official reason for changing clubs. By now, however, no pundit or fan should be fooled into thinking that the star quarterback would have dominated the NFL for two decades simply because he played with the New England Patriots.

Arians: Brady decides his future

Since then they have enjoyed the “Lord of the Rings” in Tampa as one of their own. And so Bruce Arians only said what was already clear to everyone. When asked whether Brady would also play for the Buccaneers next season, the head coach emphasized: “That’s entirely up to Tom.”

The Florida franchise would, of course, roll out the red carpet for him again – credit where credit is due – and do whatever it takes to keep the other stars together.

However, should Brady say goodbye, the “Bucs” would also face the problem of dragging his $40.925 million dead cap through the season. For comparison, he only blocked $10.5 million at Cap Space this season.

Brady impresses in his mid-40s

Brady once said he wanted to play until he was 45. It was often said, somewhat vaguely, that he would remain active until his mid-40s. The father of three did it – with flying colours. Something that no one would have thought possible five years ago.

Even now, it still seems surreal how Brady – sorry, Tom – is one of the dominators of the league as an elderly quarterback. No question: you can resign like this. Especially since the Rams game is more likely to be remembered for the formidable catch-up than the completely screwed up first half with just one field goal.

Brady and American football – it’s love

What is more uncertain is: Would Brady even succeed in jumping? From the active superstar who always thinks about the next opponent, the next move, the next challenge, to the pure private and businessman as well as family man.

Difficult to imagine actually given Brady’s passion for the game. Arguably no one lives American Football as much as the man who has given this sport more than anyone else. A truly dreamlike relationship.

Brady’s analysis right after the end of the season

His ex-colleague Sebastian Vollmer once revealed that Brady is going straight to the analysis after the last game of the season in order to get in the mood for the coming season. Football crazy in the best sense.

During the playoffs it can happen that Brady retires to one of his numerous properties, his wife Gisele Bundchen and the children then have to do without the head of the family. Because in the hot phase of the season, Brady doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. Nothing.

Post-NFL Brady: Fashion, Nutrition, and Football Expert?

All of that would be a thing of the past. Brady would certainly not be bored. Just a few days ago he published his first own fashion line. With his “TB12” brand, he has been supplying the market with everything to do with healthy nutrition for years.

Brady would be predestined for this as a football expert, the US broadcasters would undoubtedly tear him down. But of course he can still devote himself to this life after the NFL career in one, two or three years.

Brady must face the question of doubt

The timing of his resignation will depend primarily on whether Brady is confident of another year at the top level. In other words, it’s a question of doubt.

What the perfectionist certainly wants to avoid at all costs: ending up as a “lame duck”, being set up only because of his previous merits and blocking the place of a successor who may already be playing better.

The NFL and the “Bucs” didn’t deserve that. And certainly not Brady.

Evans and David are rooting for Brady’s decision

The franchise, which has long been his, can only wait and cheer. “I hope he comes back next season. The best player ever, one of the best teammates and one of the best leaders I’ve ever seen,” praises Mike Evans: “I said it two years ago: I’m super grateful he came to Tampa Bay.”

Lavonte David takes a similar view: “He always says he still has something to prove, but what more can he do? He’s the ‘GOAT’. He’s done everything he can. If he comes back, of course we’ll be with him received with open arms. But we have to let him decide that for himself.”

Brady question electrifies like Super Bowl champion

So the ball is once again in Brady’s hands. Where he should feel particularly comfortable. How often does Brady still send his favorite work tool on trips?

A question that is just as electrifying as the Buccaneers’ successor as Super Bowl champion.

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