build 22538 allows you to control virtual keyboard by voice

Windows 11 is getting voice command on its virtual keyboard in beta. Called “Voice Access”, the feature allows the user to control the PC through their voice. The news came in the latest preview version of Windows 11, 22538, an update that Windows Insider Program participants will be able to download.

The operation of the virtual keyboard through voice commands is similar to what was presented in December 2021. When the user opens the virtual keyboard, it is possible to see that each key will have an identification number, ranging from 1 to 49. This way , just say, for example, “click on 30” for the operating system to type the letter V.

Virtual keyboard in Windows 11. Source: Microsoft

How does the voice command on the Windows 11 virtual keyboard work

According to Microsoft, to open or close the keyboard, just say “open the virtual keyboard” or “hide the virtual keyboard”. The Windows developer also adds that its Speech Pack app is available on the Microsoft Store and can help with speech recognition by improving transcription performance.

Windows 11 Build 22538: What’s New?

In addition to the voice command for the virtual keyboard, Windows 11 Build 22538 brings a new design to the task manager, as well as some changes and bug fixes.

Understand the risks of participating in the Windows Insider Program

If you do not participate in Microsoft testing through the Windows Insider Program, please be aware that if you upgrade to the latest Windows 11 Builds, you will not be able to downgrade or use stable builds. There is only one way to return to using the stable version of Windows 11, through a clean installation of the operating system via the operating system ISO. In our tutorial we teach you how to download and install the Windows 11 ISO in different ways.

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