the faces of shipwreck – Liberation

Migrants, the carnagedossier

Maryam Nouri Hamadameen, Husain Tanha, the Rezgar family… Three weeks after the sinking of an inflatable boat which claimed the lives of 27 exiles in the Channel, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed their identity to the families on Tuesday.

On November 24 at Loon-Plage, they boarded an inflatable boat heading for England. Women, children, young adults who hoped that night to live a sweeter life on the other side of the Channel. They never made it: their boat deflated, causing the drowning of at least 27 of them. Three weeks after the sinking, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed to families on Tuesday the identity of the bodies that were recovered, after a long process. Release traces the course of some of them.

Husain Tanha, 24 ans

When they left Afghanistan five years ago, Husain Tanha and his cousin Amanullah Omakil imagined their future in Europe: they would soon be able to take long walks in very green meadows, without fearing for their safety. Amanullah, the youngest, a short, clean-shaven brunette, was an unaccompanied minor when he arrived in France. He is supported by child welfare and has now been working for four months in a pizzeria in Dunkirk. Husain, an adult when he arrived on the continent, obtained his own residence permit in Italy, but he could not find a job there. He decides to join his partner…

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