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Amazing! Resident Evil 4 HD Project is released by fans; see how to install

It's no secret that Resident Evil 4 is one of the most successful titles in the Capcom franchise, being pointed out by many fans as their favorite game in the survival horror saga. Very relevant to this day, and even serving as an inspiration for Village, Resident Evil 4 now has a new version made by fans, with graphics that follow the evolution of the video game industry. Made by fans of the game, the mod called Resident Evil 4 HD Project is now available for download, and can be checked by any player for free. Although, you need to own a copy of Resident Evil 4 on Steam.Resident Evil 4 HD Project is released by fans According to the developers, Resident Evil 4 HD Project is just what the name suggests, a full remaster of the game released in January 2005 by Capcom. The mod updat...
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Resident Evil 4 HD project will be released next week after 8 years of work

The dedication behind this mod is pretty amazing. The Resident Evil 4 HD project began in 2014, and eight years later it's finally finished and will be released on February 2. You might be wondering why this project exists, given that developer Capcom has re-released Resident Evil 4 in multiple HD versions, and the answer is: They weren't that good. The version of Resident Evil 4 that arrived on Steam in 2014 was technically in high definition, but it lacked basic customization options and the textures were simply made a bit sharper. It just didn't do justice to one of the best games ever made. So the Resident Evil HD project has decided that if Capcom doesn't do it right, it will: This is a massive overhaul of textures and assets for the PC version of Resident Evil 4, which recrea...

A resident of Saint-Tite in a 1600 km race in Alaska

A musher from Saint-Tite, Martin Massicotte, is about to hit the road for Alaska where he will be on the starting line, next March, of the Iditarod, the longest and most difficult dog sled race in the world. • Read also: Ice rescue training at -33 degrees Celsius for firefighters in the Eastern Townships Since his first participation in March 2020 in the race which spans 975 miles (1569 km), the musher, who sports the same steel blue eyes as his dogs, has changed his training completely. “The training I've done this year is really race-based with campsites, straw, dog blankets; we sleep outside, we leave with short stops, quantities of food. Everything has been established. I worked on that, in fact, not just this year, but also last year, all winter, ”he de...