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Disappointed to fail at the foot of the podium for his third Olympic Games, the vice-world champion Benjamin Cavet assured to have no regrets. “On the effort provided, it is one of the best competitions of my career”, he says. ” How do you feel after this 4th place?
At first, we still have the emotions of the race, the adrenaline. It allows you to keep smiling and then in the heat of the action, there are the people who have seen the descents, who have enjoyed themselves, they are happy with 4th place… But in the months, the days that follow, I think I’m going to feel a little lonely. It will be harder later. read also Benjamin Cavet at the foot of the podium at the Beijing Olympics Are you still proud of your runs?
Yeah, I think I’ve never done such a tough race. It was a bit the theme of the season, of the week: adapting and not giving up. When things are not going well, the brain goes into panic mode, it imagines itself missing the first one and going to an interview saying that I couldn’t do anything today and finally, I have to go to an interview and explain a 4th place. But I managed to concentrate and make three runs. So I’m proud of it, I didn’t give up. On the effort provided, it is one of the best competitions of my career. “As soon as you don’t feel 100%, there are doubts that arise” Due to your heel pain or something else?
There is also snow at -25 degrees which did not help the sauce. I managed to avoid injuries all my career, I’m not used to skiing with pain. As soon as you don’t feel 100%, doubts arise. It’s stupid, because during qualifying training, I skied too much, too well. There, it was really competing for the gold medal, I was the fastest, really the cleanest, the one who skied the most committed. But I wasn’t really able to ski like that, (Saturday) evening. But I did with my 100% of my current form. read also Ranking You have no regrets?
I have this season, not being able to be 100% with small injuries (he suffers from a heel strike). That sucks (sic). But on the evening, no, I have no regrets, I gave everything. When you got to the bottom, did you think that was enough for the podium?
Yes, I thought there was a way. Afterwards, 79 points is a bit light for an Olympic podium. But given the track, given the runs, I believed it. Of course, if there is one that can slip on a banana peel, that would be fine with me, but hey, we wish the best to his rivals. If I want to win, it’s because I did a better run than them. Do you think you were misjudged compared to the Japanese Horishima (in bronze) who made mistakes on skis?
Watching his run, I believed for a little while seeing his big mistakes. Me neither, my descent was not perfect, but it was my 100% of the evening. “Sometimes I find myself so useless, I tell myself that I have so much progress to make that it would be stupid to stop now” Frustration makes you want to go on another four-year cycle?
Sure. Other than those heels, my knees, my back, my head are fine, I’m very young (28 years since January), mentally I enjoy myself. And sometimes, I think I’m so bad, I tell myself that I have so much progress to make that it would be stupid to stop now. Are you surprised by the crowning of the Swedish Wallberg in front of the Canadian Kingsbury (the great favorite, Olympic champion in title)?
To beat Kingsbury, you have to come up with something that stands out. That’s what Walter did: he jumped really, really big up there, and he pushed the speed. I think it’s a deserved victory. It’s a surprise but Kingsbury are more beatable in a one-day race than in an entire season for the globe. That’s what Walter managed to do, be there at the right time and pull off an exceptional run. » read also All the latest from the Beijing Olympics “He did the job of a medalist” Ludovic Didier, coach of the Blues: “I am extremely proud of what he has done. The day was not attacked in the same way as qualifying, it has come a long way. In any case, he got stronger run after run. This (Saturday) evening, he really did the job, the job of a medalist. There is no medal at the end but for me, he is a medalist. I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of this race, because today he can be on the podium, clearly. Afterwards, it’s very difficult for me, they are kids we adore and with whom we aim for a lot of things, we work very hard and tonight it’s very difficult. I’m really disappointed for him.

(A feeling of injustice compared to the Hiroshima run?) I don’t know, I have to see the cold run. But here, I think it’s the nervousness that speaks. When you know what an Olympic medal costs, there are no words to describe it… There, it’s very hard. »

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