Foot – Fantasy – Nicolas Julia, co-founder of Sorare: “This is the start of a lot of work and a great adventure”

Launch of the project, ambitions, advice for progressing in Sorare… Nicolas Julia talks about the spectacular rise of the game of Fantasy Football. “How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Sorare? We founded Sorare with my partner Adrien, whom we met at Stratum. We very quickly had the conviction that the specific characteristics of “NFT” technology, in the same way as digital scarcity or the question of traceability, would lead to a technological change that would have the same impact on our lives as the arrival internet or smartphone. NFTs will reinvent certain industries and change the way we own digital assets. read also “L’Équipe” joins forces with Sorare, the unicorn of sports entertainment We started from the idea that people have always liked to collect and that NFTs offer new applications on the Web. And, since we are passionate about football, we also thought about how to link our passion to this technology, before creating an immediate use value, beyond the mere collection. With 580 million euros, you have achieved the biggest fundraising in the history of French Tech. How did you experience it? After our Series A of 40 million euros at the start of 2021, we were not necessarily looking to raise more money. This amount allowed us to carry out the development plan we had at the time. However, this lifting has put a spotlight on Sorare and its first results are very positive. New investors contacted us and we realized that it was possible to deploy a plan on a much larger scale, with new strategic support among our investors and other experts in the American market. So we decided to seize this opportunity and accelerate. See as well Play Sorare Of course we are very proud that Sorare was able to convince internationally renowned investors, and allow us to consider such an expansion. But fundraising is not an end in itself, on the contrary, it is the beginning of a lot of work and a great adventure. We therefore remain fully focused on the objective to be achieved, to become a world leader in sports entertainment, and the plan to be deployed to achieve it. What is the point of holding Sorare cards? We created Sorare to allow football fans to experience their passion even more intensely. When we hold a Sorare card, we will create a special connection with the player and the club of this card. It can be used in the fantasy game Sorare, and played twice a week, Tuesday to Friday and Friday to Tuesday. Since this card is an NFT, it is possible to use it not only in Sorare but also in other games that use NFT technology, such as SorareData, One Shot League, SorareBrag. How to explain the success of NFTs? Is it destined to last? My partner Adrien and I very quickly had the conviction that the characteristics specific to the technology called “NFT” (digital scarcity, traceability, etc.) would lead to a technological change having the same impact on our lives as the arrival of Internet or smartphone. NFTs will reinvent certain industries and change the way we own digital assets. We believe that projects that go beyond collectible value to add use value will be the most successful in the long run. That’s why Sorare cards are not just collectibles but also game items, including items that can be used in our fantasy football game. read also All the advice for a good start in Sorare Why did you choose Ethereum? Blockchain protocols are still young. Building our maps on this emerging technology is a decision we made so that our community could benefit from these superpowers. On Ethereum, you can write code that controls the numerical value, runs exactly as programmed, and is accessible anywhere in the world. Ethereum offers new features in fantasy football: digital ownership, scarcity, traceability. There are different types of cards on Sorare, they are all non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (also known as ERC 721). For the more than +6000 footballers available on Sorare, we create unlimited free common cards, 1000 limited cards, 100 “rare” cards, 10 “super rare” cards and a last “unique” card. Ethereum provided security and community that no other Blockchain could provide. How do you imagine Sorare in 10 years? Technologies evolve incredibly quickly today and it is difficult to project ourselves in 10 years. But our ultimate ambition and what we remain focused on is making the best fantasy game there is in the world. We have several areas of development for this. First of all, it’s about the launch of our mobile application. We are also working on new partnerships in order to offer the top 20 leagues on Sorare, including the LFP. Our latest development goal is to get into new sports. The principle of the game is quite duplicable to other sports and many Leagues around the world are interested in our technology, which is why discussions are currently taking place to launch other sports, particularly in the United States. See as well Play Sorare How was this game received by public opinion? Sorare very quickly achieved great success. We identify 1,000,000 registered players on our platform with 270,000 active players in December 2021 across 180 countries. Our users are above all either fans of fantasy games such as Mon Petit Gazon in France or Fantasy Premier League in England, or otherwise more collector profiles, who used to collect football cards or football jerseys . Sorare players want to live their passion intensely through our gaming platform using their knowledge of the sport. What support do you get for your projects? We are lucky to be extremely well surrounded and in particular by our investors who advise us on a daily basis such as Marcelo Claure, CEO of Softbank Group International and himself passionate about football (he owns 3 clubs in 3 different countries), as well as other US market experts. We have just announced that Serena Williams has joined our board of directors to advise us on our development in new sports, including women’s sports, and to lead impact initiatives to make Web3 more inclusive and diverse. read also Mistakes not to make on Sorare If you had to give players only one piece of advice, what would it be? Sorare is a passion game, which allows you to discover new footballing horizons. My advice is to first focus on the players, leagues and clubs that you know, before perhaps venturing to collect player cards from more exotic leagues. Can you tell us about the big news for the coming year? Our plans for the year are: 1. Continue to build a world-class team by recruiting top talent from around the world. We are looking to fill many new positions, both in Europe and in the United States. We plan to hire over 150 people over the next 12 months. 2. Sign new partnerships by associating the 20 best football leagues and the 50 best national teams. 3. Accelerate to mobile and marketing our fantastic game will be a first mobile experience that fans around the world will know. 4. Expand into new sports that we have attracted interest from leagues and fans around the world to replicate our model. ” See as well Play Sorare

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