Convinced – The best Guitar Hero player is a cheater

Guitar Hero star Schmooey used a few tricks in his videos. During all these years he used cheats in his music videos.

For a very long time, Schmooey was considered the best Guitar Hero player in the world. However, he used cheats in a lot of his videos. The deception was discovered in December 2021 in one of his clips.

Guitar Hero is already over ten years old and yet the game has a loyal community. Schmooey is one of them, he who racked up achievements and mastered games that seemed impossible in Guitar Hero. Over the years, Schmooey has completed songs in the game at breakneck speeds that would be next to impossible for most gamers. He even received bonuses for his superhuman performances.

However, the video for song 9, Patterns Of Eternal Pain, made him look like a cheater. During registration, some inconsistencies were noticed. Schmoey’s hands weren’t hitting exactly the right note on the guitar, which was playing on the screen. Because of this, the song did not match the guitar clip. Additionally, a Windows Media Player overlay appeared at the end of the video, indicating that it was a pre-recorded video.

Other recordings of Schmooey were later reviewed and it was found that he had cheated in this way in around 100 clips. On January 15, Schmooey admitted the cheating in a YouTube video and apologized. He also deleted all of his clips and even refunded the bounties he had accumulated over the years, according to his own words.

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