PC Game Pass: new games in February 2022

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What are the new Game Pass games for February 2022? Check out our monthly preview to see all the upcoming titles, including a strategy hit.

In February 2022, Microsoft’s PC Game Pass will once again offer many exciting new games – including Total War: Warhammer 3, a potential strategy hit upon release.

Like every month, we’re bringing you all the games we know you’ll soon be able to play as part of the subscription service. During the month, Microsoft will release even more games, which we will of course add to this article as usual.

New to Game Pass in February 2022


(genre : Action-Roguelike – developer : Afterburner Studios – launch : August 5, 2021 – In the Game Pass from : February 3, 2022)

Dreamscaper is a surreal action roguelike with an exciting twist: during the day, you experience daily life in the small town of Redhaven and form relationships with the other inhabitants, who grant you bonuses during battles.

As soon as your character goes to bed, he enters a disturbing nightmarish world where he must face evil monsters and bosses that embody his fears like isolation, loss, negativity and more.

In our test, Dreamscaper turned out to be a real action-RPG secret:

Dreamscaper in review: A dreamy insider tip for action RPG fans

Edge of Eternity

(genre : JRPG – developer : Midgar Studio – exit : June 8, 2021 – in Game Pass from : February 10, 2022)

The Edge of Eternity role-playing game, hailing from France, drew heavily on classic JRPGs like the Final Fantasy series for its story, presentation, and gameplay mechanics.

In a sci-fi setting, you will live the story of Daryon and Selene, a brother and a sister, who go in search of a cure for an epidemic released by hostile invaders. The fights take place in a classic way, turn-based.

Total War : Warhammer 3

(genre : strategy – developer : Creative Assembly – launch : February 17, 2021 – in Game Pass from : February 17, 2022)

The latest Total War will be released as soon as it is released as part of the PC Game Pass and should be the most exciting game for many GlobalESportNews readers.

The third and probably last installment of the TW: Warhammer series builds on the well-known gameplay of Total War: on a huge world map, you develop your cities, create armies from the ground and take with them enemy fortresses in sometimes truly monumental real-time battles. Depending on the chosen faction and leader, you will experience a different story and have different goals.

Total War: Warhammer 3 played for hours – it’s going to be massive!

These games will leave Game Pass in February

Like every month, a few games are leaving the Game Pass catalog in February – you can find them here:

These games are leaving Game Pass on February 1:

A Plague Tale : Innocence

The Medium


These games will leave Game Pass on February 16:

Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age

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