Rugby – Top 14 – Pau pays Clermont in Top 14

At home, Sunday evening, during the 16th day of the Championship, the Béarnais won (28-20) over the ASM, too undisciplined, who lost a defensive bonus at the last minute. The match: 28-20 Long undecided, this match played in the fog of the Hameau finally saw Pau win at the finish with two tries (68th, 79th) after being behind, even depriving Clermont of his defensive bonus at the last second. , Thibault Debaes succeeding in the transformation at the last second. The Auvergnats may regret, when they were in the lead at the hour mark (16-20, two tries to one), for having been too undisciplined in the last quarter of an hour. read also Pau-Clermont’s film After opening the scoring in the 15th minute by Colombet after a very nice and long sequence of passing games, it should be noted that the Palois lowered their tone, leaving Clermont to initiate sharp actions (Naqalevu tries in the 26th and Jedrasiak in the 50th) and lead 13-17 in the 50th minute, then 16-20 in the 57th following a drop-goal from his opener Michet, who responded to a penalty goal signed Clovis Le Bail (55th), very precise. Then Pau finally stepped on the accelerator and pounded the Auvergne defense for ten minutes. In numerical superiority (yellow card against Desaigne, 65th), the Béarnais scored their second try, by Gorgodze (68th), again after a beautiful and long action of play, while Clermont, then led 21-20, found himself at thirteen (yellow card against Béria, 69th)… This double numerical inferiority was fatal to him, Pau scoring in force two tries (68th, 79th) to win and deprive Clermont of the slightest point in the standings. 100 The percentage of success in shots on goal (4/4) of the Pau scrum half Clovis Le Bail, replaced in the 57th minute. The fact: Raka-Naqalevu, a sharp left side Clermont made the difference on the left, with a first try in the 26th signed in force from center Apisai Naqalevu (26th) then a tonic breakthrough from winger Alivereti Raka for the try of his teammate Paul Jedrasiak (50th). On this side of attack, the Fijian duo Raka-Naqalevu crossed the Béarnaise defense and improved the Auvergne highlights. read also The ranking of the Top 14

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