Rodgers is said to have spoken to the Packers about the future

Munich – This news will make the hearts of Green Bay Packers fans beat faster. Apparently, the chances of a future with Aaron Rodgers are not as bad as they last seemed.

As NFL insider Ian Rapoport claims to have learned, the star quarterback stayed in Green Bay a few more days after the surprising playoff exit in the Wild Card Round.

Despite frustration at the next missed opportunity for his second Super Bowl, Rodgers took the time to talk to head coach Matt LaFleur about the team’s prospects.

Rodgers: Green Bay feels slight optimism

High jumps are probably hardly possible in free agency, because the franchise is likely to overshoot the salary cap by more than 40 million US dollars. But everything stands and falls with Rodgers’ decision anyway. And they should at least feel a little optimism in Green Bay.

However, nobody wants to press the “Gunslinger”, who had announced a decision before the start of free agency in March. The Packers bosses would respect every step along the way and can only wait until the 38-year-old decides to stay or leave the club.

Rodgers speaks of passion and fighting spirit

In addition to a trade wish, a career end would also be possible. But this seems to be the least realistic option. Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers recently said, “I think important factors are the planned direction of the team and the organization and how I fit into that.” He also had to ask himself whether he still had the passion and fighting spirit.

“It depends on how I’m feeling and you don’t know that until the offseason starts,” added the reigning MVP will end. It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl, but it would be a hell of a fairy tale.”

Rodgers wants a shot at Vince Lombardi Trophy

With that, Rodgers again indicated that he desperately wants another shot at the Vince Lombardi Trophy. He is not available for a rebuild, the playmaker emphasized shortly after the end. Although he’s still tied for two years.

So the Packers have to show him how they want to put together a powerful squad again despite the financial worries.

Preferably with Davante Adams. The Rodgers pal is known to be without a contract for the coming season. The Packers would only be able to keep their hand on the receiver over the franchise tag. His whereabouts should also increase the chances of a future with Rodgers.

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