Parallels to Manning? Broncos see chance of Rodgers coup

Munich/Denver – After three disappointing years under head coach Vic Fangio, a new era is dawning for the Denver Broncos. With Nathaniel Hackett, the previous offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers will take over the helm of the 2015 Super Bowl champion in the future.

During his presentation, the 42-year-old spoke of a “dream” that is coming true.

It is precisely those dreams that trigger the commitment of the new trainer around the franchise. And, as in the past offseason, the name of quarterback Aaron Rodgers is again circulating in the context of the Colorado franchise and making the hearts of the fan community beat faster.

The rumors took on such proportions that General Manager George Paton immediately dispelled them. Hackett’s commitment has “absolutely nothing” to do with Rodgers’ personality.

At least for the time being a clear no from the Broncos. Even if the story reminds some within the franchise of the last big coup at the quarterback position.

Rodgers to the Broncos: Parallels to the Manning signing?

Is it all just a show by Paton to calm things down and give the new head coach the chance to find his way around in the new environment? But behind the scenes are the plans going unnoticed to realize the really big coup and reunite Rodgers and his ex-coach? It is rumored.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Broncos find themselves in a situation “not dissimilar to the glory days of Peyton Manning and the 2012 squad.”

In addition to the Hackett signing recommended and lavishly touted by Rodgers in the past, Denver also beckons with a young, potent team that, most importantly, lacks a real leader to take the next step: finally making the playoffs again – what last succeeded in winning the title.

With receivers Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick and KJ Hamler, tight end Noah Fant and running back Javonte Williams to name a few, there are plenty of up-and-coming talent filling the offense skill positions on the roster. And on the other side of the ball, Patrick Surtain II is an up-and-coming cornerback talent and a promising young edge rusher, Bradley Chubb.

Enough to get “A-Rod” to switch? That’s probably not enough, as Rodgers is also tying his future in Green Bay to the perspective of one of his key teammates.

Rodgers only in a double with Davante Adams?

The 38-year-old made it clear that the contract situation of his favorite receiver Davante Adams is not insignificant for the decision about his future in Green Bay and in the NFL in general. A decision should be made soon, at least concerning his person.

“I think even sooner than March,” Rodgers explained on The Pat McAfee Show when asked when he will make a decision on whether or not to retire: “I want to be respectful, once again of the organization.”

However, due to acute cap problems, it will be almost impossible for the franchise to equip their star receiver with the corresponding monster contract and at the same time keep the star quarterback happy.

Adams’ contract expires this year. Speculations about the use of the Franchise Tag are doing the rounds – which does not go down well in the player camp.

“I think the most important decision will obviously be Davante and his future with the team. There’s still this thing called franchise tag and I don’t think number 17 wants that. No player ever wants to get the franchise tag.” , Rodgers classified the speculation.

According to “Spotrac”, with a cap space of just over $40 million, the Broncos would have at least significantly more financial options than the Packers to lure one or even both stars away from Wisconsin.

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