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To be All-Star at 22 years old by turning to 19 points on average (at the time of selection) and playing in a team with a negative balance sheet? Yes it’s possible. Jrue Holiday achieved this small feat in 2013, during his last season with the team that drafted him, the 76ers.

Despite his best statistical years that followed with the Pelicans, the point guard never won a second star. And it probably won’t be for this year either. While, paradoxically, he displays a statistical level comparable to that of the 2012/13 season and plays mainly with the defending champions, the Bucks.

While his teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was logically designated among the holders of the conference, the leader did not even finish in the Top 10 of the “backcourt” of his conference. If we stop at the only voices of the fans, he received (281,000) less than Tyler Herro or even half as much as Derrick Rose (594,000).

“I’m not flashy”

« I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily underrated because basketball is a game but also an entertainment.”, he tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m not flashy. I play hard, I will always work hard and give my best, but I’m also quite calm and reserved. »

Not the kind of profile that’s going to draw attention to him. Not the kind of player likely to best fit the spirit of the All-Star Game either.

« I feel like my style of play doesn’t necessarily appeal to fans outside of Milwaukee or people who don’t know me, you know? I don’t hover, I don’t dunk on other people, like Giannis. And then people don’t really see defense as something beautiful or remarkable. »

So what, after all? His style of play did not prevent him from posing as the missing link in the Bucks. In addition to winning the title upon his arrival in Milwaukee, he followed up with a gold medal in Tokyo, joining, with his teammate Khris Middleton, a very closed club of players who had achieved this double feat the same year.

“Getting respect from them is what matters most”

Shining on both stages hasn’t really changed her status since. In the eyes of the fans at least because the actors of the league already had a good idea of ​​his qualities.

« I would say that’s enough for me to get respect from other players, from other coaches. Because they go through what I go through. We’re all trying to achieve what we achieved last year, we know what it’s like to fight, to get hurt. Getting respect from them is what matters most. »

Despite this recognition, it is difficult to imagine seeing the politeness of James Harden, Zach LaVine or Darius Garland being grilled by being selected by the coaches in the next all-star game. Especially since if a second representative of Milwaukee were to be retained, Khris Middleton has better figures…

« Yeah, you want fan recognition and all that.”, admits the 31-year-old. “But at the same time, I feel like I’m myself. I don’t really stress about it because it would be an extra burden for me, trying to impress fans who don’t necessarily know basketball or don’t like a certain style of play. watch the players who are in the thick of it with me and get their respect. »

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