Basketball – NBA – Golden State overcomes Brooklyn thanks to its “Splash Brothers”

Three weeks after returning to the NBA, Klay Thompson was decisive for his Golden State Warriors, home scorers for the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night (110-106). It was a bit like the Ghosts’ game at the Chase Center in San Francisco. On the local side, that of Klay Thompson, who returned to competition at the beginning of the month after two and a half years of absence; the other, Kyrie Irving, whose participation in the current season seemed strongly compromised because of his vaccination status, before being finally recalled by his franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, whose infirmary is always full. read also The results of the night Each in their own way, the two stars made their talent speak on Saturday evening, the last word going to the “Dubs” winger, author of a crucial three-point basket, planted 12 seconds from the siren and who sent his team to a fifth consecutive victory in the regular season (110-106). A basket all the more important as Irving, far too alone in an orphan team of Kevin Durant and, at the last minute, James Harden (hand), had held his own at arm’s length (32 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals).

“I had missed this feeling” Despite an excellent start (31-20, 12th), then a very comfortable 19-point lead obtained during the third quarter, the Warriors first let the visitors come back into contact before begin the final period, where Stephen Curry, still struggling with his shot (5 out of 18, including 3 out of 10 three-pointers), proved valuable, especially on the free throw line (6 out of 6). He and Thompson (16 points to 5 of 14) have taken over from Andrew Wiggins (24 points, 8 rebounds), top scorer of his own. Until Thompson’s saving basket, who did not hide his very personal relief: ” It feels so good, really. I had missed that feeling. 31.1% The Golden State Warriors have scored just 31.1% of their three-pointers (14 of 45). Irving’s presence in San Francisco had added a little salt to the game, for two very distinct reasons: his presence recalled the four years of duels in the finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers of the leader and LeBron James, but also offended local public opinion, while unvaccinated players and fans do not in principle have the right to access the city’s sports facilities – Irving being considered an “outside worker” benefiting from a exemption -. read also Step back podcast: who are the NBA’s “most valuable”? The main interested party, handsome player and eye-catching until the end since he had scored a huge three-point basket – vain – after that of Thompson, especially paid tribute to Golden State. ” It’s a legendary franchise. They have legendary players in their team. They succeed in very high level actions. »

In accounting terms, these Nets bis continue their tumble in the standings of the Eastern Conference, the fault of a series of four defeats in progress (29v-20d, 6th). Thus, the Charlotte Hornets (28v-22d) are not very far away. In the West, the Warriors do not let themselves be won by the Phoenix Suns, who have two more wins (39 against 37, 9 losses against 13). read also Rankings

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