why are participants wearing a watch and how does it work?

THE BBB 22 is different from previous editions. If you are following the reality show, must have noticed that all participants are wearing watches — and not just any watch. It is a smartwatch, a type of smart device that has become very popular and is capable of monitoring the wearer’s sleep, heart rate and other vital signs. The news made many people curious about the function of the clock in the program.

Why are BBB 22 participants wearing a watch?

Until then, any electronic accessory was prohibited inside the most guarded house in Brazil. Since the most recent editions, the only device allowed is a cell phone that does not have an internet connection and can only be used to take photos of participants for social networks.

About the watch, curiosity was such that Boninho (nickname of José Bonifácio Brasil de Oliveira), the director of “BBB”, explained the reason for the presence of the accessory in this year’s edition. Last Wednesday (27), Boninho used his Instagram account to explain what it was about.

Boninho, the director of the BBB, explained the reason for the clock in the program. (Credit: Globoplay/Reproduction)

According to him, like the cell phone that has appeared in the house other times, the “BBB watch” is for internal use only and does not receive any type of internet connection. As already said, this is the first time that the brothers use this type of technology during the reality show.

Boninho also explains that the accessory is used only to monitor the participants’ heartbeat, as well as the time and quality of sleep, breathing and other functions relevant to devices of this size. However, the brothers cannot see this information, as the screen is completely blank.

“As we were happy and confident with the use of the cell phone, we went for this new device. It is off all the time. But we monitor for our game, sleep time, heart and other measurements for us to play with them even more “, wrote Boninho on the social network.

Galaxy Watch 4: meet the BBB 22 watch

There are numerous models of smartwatches available on the market, but for the BBB 22, Globo chose the Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung. Launched in August of last year, the device arrived with the aim of delivering more performance, mainly because they were the first to integrate the new One UI Watch interface developed under Google’s Wear OS system.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the guy who stole the show in the most watched house in Brazil.  (Credit: Oficina da Net)
The Galaxy Watch 4 is the guy who stole the show in the most watched house in Brazil. (Credit: Oficina da Net)

With a circular design very similar to classic watch models, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers several smart features and functions — some that can’t even be used in reality TV. The clock is powered by the processor Exynos W920, with 5 nm lithography, combined with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It still has 40 mm and a 1.19-inch screen, with a resolution of 396 x 396 and 330 PPI.

Galaxy Watch 4 offers the sensor Samsung BioActive, which basically can monitor heart rate (PPG), do electrocardiogram (ECG) and bioimpedance analysis (BIA). During sleep, the device can monitor blood oxygenation, as well as detect snoring and so on. In this way, Boninho and his troupe are able to follow every detail of the brothers’ health and physical condition.

Samsung guarantees that the battery lasts 40 hours away from the outlet, but we don’t know how Globo does when the watch of one of the participants runs out. It is possible that it will be replaced by another unit with a charged battery, as we do not see the brothers hunting for an outlet to recharge the watch.

Features prohibited in BBB 22

As the focus of these devices are the sensors and built-in functions to monitor the fitness and other health information of the users, the Galaxy Watch 4 fulfills the objective stipulated by the direction of the reality.

Everyone wears a watch, but it's always off.  (Credit: Globoplay/Reproduction)
Everyone wears a watch, but it’s always off. (Credit: Globoplay/Reproduction)

However, it also offers resources that cannot be used in the program so as not to break the confinement rules proposed in the reality show. This includes eSIM technology, for 4G LTE mobile connection, as well as simpler functions such as simply checking the time. As already said, the clock display is always off.

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