The list of events protected by free-to-air broadcasting soon to be “modernized”

Since a decree of December 2004, 21 sporting events “of major importance” have been protected by unencrypted broadcasting. The government announces this Friday the launch of a consultation to modernize the list. The list of 21 events of major importance (EIM), aiming to guarantee free access to certain sports competitions for viewers, will it finally be updated when it remains unchanged since it was fixed by decree? in 2004 ? It is in any case the will of the French State, according to the press release published this Friday by the Ministries of Sports and Culture which announces the launch of a consultation. “Guaranteeing television access for the widest public to sporting events that unite the national community is a major objective of the Government, provides the release. Noting the growing enthusiasm of television viewers for women’s competitions and para-sport in particular, it submits to a new consultation of professionals in the sectors concerned a modernized list which notably includes the Paralympic Games and supports greater visibility of women’s sport. » In April 2019, a first consultation had been launched by these ministries on the subject… without effect. A fact-finding mission led by MP Cédric Roussel This spirit of modernization takes up the main lines of the report presented in 2016 by Senator David Assouline, “Sport on television in France: for access to as many people as possible, for the diversity of practices and disciplines exposed”, as well as the concerns that emanated from the recent fact-finding mission on audiovisual broadcasting rights for sporting events led by MP Cédric Roussel. In 2016, David Assouline had proposed to modernize the 2004 decree with in particular full coverage of the Paralympic Games, the end of the distinction between male and female competition and the entry of four sports into the list of “protected” events: volleyball , sailing, judo and swimming. The 21 protected events Olympic Games summer and winter men’s football
The matches of the France team on the FIFA calendar; the opening match, the semi-finals and the final of the World Cup; the semi-finals and the final of the Euro; the Champions League final; the final of the UEFA Cup (Europa League) if a French club participates; the French Cup final. Rugby
The Six Nations tournament, the semi-finals and the final of the Men’s World Cup; the final of the French Men’s Championship; the final of the men’s European Cup if a French club participates. Tennis
The finals of the singles H and F of Roland-Garros; the semi-finals and finals of the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup (Billie Jean King Cup) if the French team participates. Other sports
The F1 French Grand Prix; the tour of France ; Paris–Roubaix; the men’s and women’s finals of the World Cup and Euro basketball when the French team participates; the men’s and women’s finals of the World Cup and the Euro handball when the French team participates; the World Athletics Championships. read also All the news from the media

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