Rugby – France 7 – The two groups of the France 7 team unveiled for the Seville stage

The Seven stage makes a stopover in Seville on Friday, a week after that of Malaga. The France team has just unveiled the men’s and women’s groups. The two French teams (male and female) have just revealed the groups that will compete in the second stage of the seven, in Seville, a week after that of Malaga. As a reminder, the women’s 7 had finished at the foot of the podium (4th) while the men, them, finished 5th. Jérôme Daret has made some changes to compose his group which will face Wales, Japan and England in Pool C. Toulon scrum-half Julien Blanc is joining the group, as is the young Bayonne, Esteban Capilla as well as Melvyn’s little brother, Dylan Jaminet. The male group: Jonathan Lauger – Nisié Huyard – Joris Simon – Julien Blanc – Stephen Parez-Edo – Paulin Riva (cap) – Nelson Epée – Esteban Capilla – Aaron Grandidier – Varian Paquet – Joachim Touabal – Jordan Sepho – Dylan Jaminet Among the women , coach David Courteix can count on the return of the best rugby 7s player 2021, Anne-Cecile Ciofani. Jade Ulutule will once again be the captain of the group. The female group: Valentine Lothoz – Anne-Cécile Ciofani – Chloé Pelle – Joanna Grisez – Yolaine Yengo – Mathilde Coutouly – Coralie Bertrand – Camille Grassineau – Chloé Jacquet – Montserrat Amédée – Ian Jason – Lou Noël – Jade Ulutule The men’s 7 will start the competition this Friday (3:11 p.m.) against Wales while the women’s 7 will face Spain the same day, at 1:28 p.m.

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