Series Firebite (2021) watch online all series

The action-packed series is dedicated to the story of an uncompromising and ruthless confrontation between powerful representatives of vampire clans and frightened people.

The series Firebite (2021) watch all episodes

In the series Firebite (2021), bloodthirsty and disgusting creatures, instead of sinister crypts and abandoned, densely braided and moss-covered castles, now live in a small mining town forgotten by God and people in southern Australia. This is their last colony. According to legend, they appeared here back in 1788 at the behest of those in power of the British superpower in order to mercilessly exterminate the local population. However, the rays of the scorching sun are far from the most favorable habitat for vampires. They have to hide from sunlight in deep underground mines and deserted tunnels. Here their numbers are gradually increasing, and with it – all-consuming hunger and thirst to shed streams of human blood. Obviously, a large-scale war is not far off.

Two indigenous Australians – hunters Tyson and Shanika – literally voluntarily went to the lair of the enemy, because their goal is to find and destroy the remaining ghouls. Unfortunately, the heroes, apparently, have no idea about the scale of the threat. After all, how can you count on victory, going together to a numerically superior enemy. Will the coming battle be a merciless massacre? Watch online the series Fire Bite (2021) all seasons all series in a row in Russian and in the original language with subtitles. The video is fully available in high quality HD 720p and FullHD 1080p absolutely free. Viewing is possible on mobile phones: Apple iOS iPhone, iPad tablet, on systems running Android, as well as on Smart TVs.

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