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The absences for the matches against Houston and Utah may have caused alarm since Klay Thompson was visibly embarrassed by his left knee, even if the Warriors did not seem very worried.

His return against Dallas was therefore reassuring. “I had some pain”, explained the rear in a press conference, decked out in a superb boat captain’s cap. “I had a little hyperextension from the game against Indiana and it was painful. The knee was also a bit swollen, and luckily for me the swelling went away quickly. »

The triple champion not only reassured physically, playing 26 minutes, but also with his performance on the floor. He made a very clean copy against the Texans with 15 points at 6/12 in shooting and 3/5 at 3-pts, not to mention his 6 assists or his +/- of +26.

“I think it was his best game in terms of patience”, estime Steve Kerr, always for NBC Sports. “He didn’t force anything at all and we felt there was a better pace too. »

His 26 minutes played are now his season record and Klay Thompson did not cycle indoors during his time on the bench. A sign that, little by little, he is gaining power.

“My state of mind is simply to play with energy, concentration and joy. If I have these three elements, then I know it will work. I can be my biggest critic, especially when I have a bad game, but after what I’ve been through, finding joy and playing basketball is all I’m on about right now. »

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