bug in the coupon system allows you to make free purchases

Since yesterday (25), several Amazon Brazil users have reported a possible failure in the online store’s coupon system, where it was allowed to use more than one promotional code at the same time in a purchase. Reported by some users, the bug allowed the sum of several vouchers that were released by Amazon.

Due to the system failure mentioned above, the Amazon Brazil website went through instabilities this Wednesday morning (26). This was probably due to the large number of simultaneous accesses and purchases. According to the website Downdetector, the instability started to occur around 8 am, but it is stable at this point.

Term “Amazon” entered the trending topics on Twitter in Brazil

Due to the possibility of using multiple coupons simultaneously on Amazon Brazil, several users tweeted on the social network the discount coupons that could be used. In all, there were more than 40,000 mentions in the last few hours.

According to the people who tried to get the coupon deals through this bug on the Amazon website, they were successful in the purchase in some cases. The coupons used were for Kindle and books, but only for new accounts on the site.

Amazon has already fixed the bug

Apparently, at this time the bug that allowed the use of more than one coupon at the same time in purchases has been fixed by Amazon. It is now no longer possible to get 100% off the final product price.

Were you able to buy a product on Amazon Brazil for free or almost 100% off? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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