Apple and Mercado Livre act with anti-piracy measures in Brazil

Finding counterfeit Apple products in online stores is not difficult, especially when looking at, for example, AirPods, wall chargers and iPhone cases. Evidently the company does not like this practice one bit and now, according to the 9to5mac website, new measures are being taken to suppress the sale of fake products in Latin America with the help of Mercado Livre.

Mercado Livre (ML), for those who still don’t know, is one of the most popular online sales platforms in Latin America. Many people buy and sell all kinds of products on this platform, but there are no measures that are taken regarding the sale of fake items. Now sellers started to receive an email from ML warning that there will be severe punishments for those who sell fake (falsified) Apple products.

New measures to prevent the sale of counterfeit Apple products in the Free Market

In the email sent by Mercado Livre, it is said that the new measures against fake “apple” products will be taken “if Apple confirms a report of counterfeit products”. In other words, Apple and Mercado Livre are working together to force the sales of fake products to stop.

Upon detecting and confirming a fake Apple product, Mercado Livre will remove all listings of these products from the seller. In addition, the seller will be prohibited from selling any other Apple products through Mercado Libre thereafter. MercadoLibre asks sellers to review their product listings to avoid restrictions being applied once the new measures come into effect.

Apple created a team dedicated to fighting the sale of fake accessories on Instagram and Facebook

In 2021, Apple even created a team dedicated to fighting the sale of fake branded accessories on the social networks Instagram and Facebook. In the vast majority of cases, there are products sold as being from Apple with prices much lower than what is asked for by the originals. Many sellers end up deceiving customers and selling their products as if they were original.

When the new measures come into force

According to MercadoLibre, fake Apple products will be removed from the platform from February 22nd. It is important to remember that Apple has an official store within Mercado Livre to sell original products.

Source: 9to5mac

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