YouTube will gain NFT support soon, says CEO

NFTs are still on the rise and, this time, it may also reach YouTube. The non-fungible tokens that have become so popular in recent months, was cited by platform president Susan Wojcicki in a letter sent to content creators. According to her, the feature promises to expand the ecosystem to help creators generate revenue from emerging technologies, as several content creators on the platform have already done.

NFTs Coming to YouTube Soon

According to Wojcicki, YouTube sees Web 3.0 as a “source of inspiration”, pointing to opportunities in cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and NFTs. Although this is great news, the letter does not detail how the incorporation of this feature will be carried out in practice, and for now it is necessary to wait for new information.

Following trends that are already being used by other networks, the main objective of the platform is to expand its native features, especially for content creators.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube. (Credit: Archive/Reproduction)

Twitter is another example of a platform that announced compatibility with Ethereum and allowed the use of NFTs as a profile picture. Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has also started moving in this direction and should soon allow the display of its tokens as well as a separate NFT market.

In the case of YouTube, the novelty should further popularize the use of these tokens, but some youtubers already use their videos as NFTs. One of the most popular and recent examples is the Charlie Bit Me NFT, which showed a baby biting its brother’s finger, and was auctioned for $761,000.

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