Warzone Season 2 First Leaks – These Weapons And Operators Are Probably Waiting

The first leaks on the second season of Call of Duty: Warzone have been revealed. New weapons and new operators would be in the game.

According to leaks and data miners, two new operators are expected to appear in Call of Duty: Warzone when the second season is released. Additionally, players will also be able to enjoy weapons and a new map.

The end of the first season is already on the threshold. So players are wondering what the second season of Warzone has in store for them. This will begin on February 14, as was announced recently. CoD leakers and data miners give first glimpse of upcoming content. The latter came into possession of images of the shooting game.

The two CoD leakers ZestyLeaks and Hydra were able to recover images published on Twitter on Saturday by the data miner Nanikos. We see the two alleged operators Anna and Gustavo. The new map, based on the Alps, is shown in the background. In addition, the leak also gives hints of new firing irons in Warzone.

Both Operators hold weapons in their hands that have yet to make it into Call of Duty: Warzone. According to information from leakers, it could be the Chauchat, a French machine gun. We can also see a Swedish KG M/40 LMG and an unknown shotgun on the illustrations. In another image, Gustavo also holds an Armaguerra 0G-43 in his hands.

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