POCO F3 vs POCO X3 GT: Which phone is faster?

In 2022 we want to put some processors to fight in benchmark test, usually analyzing competitors there, or processors of the same brand and similar in performance. This time, we put a Dimensity 1100 side by side against a Snapdragon 870. So, Mediatek or Qualcomm? Leave your vote in the comments before watching the video, at the end see if your bet worked out.

The cell phones used were the POCO F3 with the Snapdragon 870, and the version we analyzed has 6GB of RAM, the competitor is the POCO X3 GT, with Dimensity 1100 and 8GB of RAM.

about processors

The Dimensity 1100 has 6nm lithography, against 7nm of the Snapdragon 870. MediaTek runs 4 strong cores at 2.6GHz frequency and another 4 cores at 2GHz.

Qualcomm has 1 stronger core at 3.2GHz, 3 cores at 2.42GHz and another 4 cores at 1.8GHz.

What does this all refer to? It shows that Qualcomm made one of the cores stand out more, reaching higher frequency, this main core is used in tasks that require a lot, such as games, for example. MediaTek prioritizes the balance between performance and energy savings.

How was the test?

Before starting, the test consists of running the AnTuTu benchmark 3x, with the devices leaving room temperature, at the end of each test the numbers are analyzed. At the end of the three tests, an average score is made, which corresponds to the final value of our AnTuTu ranking and the difference between initial temperature and maximum temperature is also analyzed. Without further ado, let’s get to the results.

Which phone is faster: POCO F3 or POCO X3 GT?

Test 1

In the first test the POCO X3 GT scored 573,721 points. POCO F3 scored 674,426 points. Pay attention to these values.

PUNCTUATION 573.721 674.426

Test 2

In the second test the POCO X3 GT scored 558,753 points, against 667,886 points for the POCO F3.
We can already notice here a drop in the second test in relation to the first.

PUNCTUATION 558.753 667.886

Test 3

In the third test, the X3 GT scored 550,875 points, against 666,587 points for the POCO F3.

PUNCTUATION 550.875 666.587


After the three tests, it is clear that when the device warms up, the performance is reached, which led us to averages of 561,116 points for the X3 GT against 669,633 points for the F3.

With respect to temperature the POCO X3 GT left a temperature of 27ºC and reached a maximum of 41ºC, a variation of 14ºC. THE POCO F3 left 25ºC and reached 43ºC, variation of 18ºC. The temperature is measured on the outside of the device, capturing the hottest spot.


The result shows that the Snapdragon 870 scored almost 116,000 points more than the Dimensity 1100, even running with more RAM.

The conclusion we have, there is a need to run the tests more times, so that the average of the results can be analyzed. When the smartphone is cold, at room temperature, it provides more performance, when heating the device, it starts to lower the processor clock to avoid overheating.

Did you like to see this TEST, comment below which processors you would like to see side by side here.

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