Dallas suffers the resounding awakening of the Warriors attack! | NBA

130 points scored, eight players with 9 or more points, 31 assists, 39.5 percent 3-point success, Golden State popped the 15-game cap in frustration in a display against the in-form team of the moment.

Luka Doncic set the tone of the game by scoring 13 of his team’s 20 points in the first quarter, but the Mavs struggled to stop an extremely incisive Stephen Curry – Andrew Wiggins pair.

Their five lost balls and their clumsiness allow the Warriors to take an 11-point lead (31-20). Tim Hardaway Jr raises Dallas but his injury exit, coupled with a 3/3 from distance from Klay Thompson, followed by a good pass from Jordan Poole put Golden State at +17. It takes the address of Luka Doncic to limit the damage (63-51).

The altruism and the address of the Warriors continue to torment Dallas and the gap quickly reaches 20 units on a 3-pointer from Jordan Poole (78-58). The gap remains in these waters until the start of the last quarter before a 19-4 from Golden State bends the game and offers us a thunderous dunk from Jonathan Kuminga.

Frustrated, Kristaps Porzingis will be sent off after sending the ball into the stands. He will apologize to the fans while the Warriors were merciless until the end of the game.


– The Warriors show the extent of their offensive potential from the Warriors. Since the return of Klay Thompson, Golden State’s attack is looking for itself and the absence of Draymond Green does not help. Tonight, for the first time, everything seemed to work, giving us a sample of what this team can deliver. Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins set the tone by being aggressive and their pace allowed them to find address. Klay Thompson followed suit in the second quarter. Always on the move, the “Splash Brother” found their shots in the rhythm of the attack. Jordan Poole, who had so far struggled to find his flow as a sixth man, proved comfortable off the ball alongside Curry and Thompson, before changing his tune when necessary to create and attack ball in hand. They left no chance to a Dallas defense, always late, which had been running at full speed for several weeks. To see now if the Warriors can continue.

– Luka Doncic alone against all. As in Dallas earlier this month, the Slovenian took his ease in the defense of Golden State. Whether facing Andrew Wiggins, Gary Payton II or Klay Thompson (for the first time on an opposing star for a long streak since his return), the Mavs point guard did what he wanted, especially in the first half. time as his 21 points attest. Unfortunately for him, his teammates had a harder time. They started the game 3 out of 13 on shots and never really managed to reverse the trend, finishing the game on 34% on shots, including 18% from long range.

– Fractured left foot for Tim Hardaway Jr. On an innocuous drive in the middle of the second quarter, Tim Hardaway Jr immediately felt discomfort. He took his two free throws and immediately headed for the locker room without being able to put any weight on his left foot. The verdict fell a few minutes later: fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the left foot for the winger of the Mavs. An injury that could keep him away from the courts for 6 to 10 weeks.


Stephen Curry. If his 2/10 from 3-pointers is still a stain, Stephen Curry has darkened the game sheet tonight, finishing at the gates of a triple-double (18 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists).

Klay Thompson. the Splash Brother was on pace and his address followed (15 points, 3/5 from 3-pointers). Steve Kerr also increased his playing time, adding minutes early in the second and fourth quarters for the first time this season. Klay Thompson also delivered six assists, including two assists behind the back. Unheard of for the sniper!

Jordan Poole. Good in the last three games as a starter, he brought the same aggression tonight off the bench, finishing with 17 points and 3 assists.

Jonathan Kuminga. The rookie scored 17 of his 22 points in the last quarter. Note his 4/4 from 3-pointers and an incredibly powerful poster on poor Josh Green’s truffle.

Luka Doncic. The Mavs star finished as the team’s leading scorer and team rebounder with 25 points and 8 strikes.

Kristaps Porzingis. The Latvian was clumsy (7 points at 4/15 on shots), suffered on pick & roll away from the ball, and was sent off late in the game following a volley that sent the ball into the stands .


Golden State (35-13) : the Warriors will try to take their revenge on the Wolves, who beat them ten days ago, on the night of Thursday to Friday

Dallas (27-21) : the Mavs continue tonight, back-to-back in Portland

Warriors / 130TirsBounces
O. Porter Jr.205/112/50/033602100+111213
A. Wiggins265/111/53/423532120+151414
K. Looney220/00/00/018922000+14011
S. Curry297/162/102/327973140+231821
K. Thompson266/123/50/002260010+261516
N. Bjelica183/60/14/4281042230+181020
J. Kuminga188/94/42/205500010+162225
J. Toscano-Anderson71/40/11/213410010+633
D. Lee244/51/20/012331110+29914
G. Payton II113/41/20/001102102+12710
J. Poole266/102/63/302231110+91718
M. Moody71/31/10/002202000+633
C. Chiozza50/10/10/000020000+501
Mavericks / 92TirsBounces
D. Finney-Smith263/80/32/211211210-1387
K. Porzingis254/151/70/016712132-1796
J. Brunson365/121/20/004452121-221113
L. Doncic277/174/77/717833020-192524
T. Hardaway Jr.102/51/35/500010000-4108
R. Bullock242/60/42/201102110-1663
M. Chriss80/40/10/002200101-1400
D. Powell40/10/00/010101010-70-1
T. Burke82/50/30/000010000-942
F. Ntilikina183/61/30/005511000-23710
J. Green222/80/30/020233200-2545
T. Pinson80/10/10/011210000-902

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