Ukraine: London announces the withdrawal of part of its embassy staff

London | London announced on Monday the withdrawal of personnel from its embassy in Kiev in the face of the “growing threat” from Russia, according to the Foreign Ministry, the day after the recall of the families of American diplomats.

“Some embassy staff” and their relatives “are in the process of withdrawing from Kyiv in response to the growing threat from Russia,” according to the ministry, which stressed that “the British Embassy remains open and will continue to carry out its essential tasks”.

Russia is accused by the West of having massed tens of thousands of soldiers on the Ukrainian border and of preparing an imminent invasion of its neighbor.

The Kremlin denies any bellicose intention towards Kiev but links a de-escalation of tensions to treaties guaranteeing in particular the non-enlargement of NATO, in particular to Ukraine.

Ukraine on Monday deemed “premature” and “excessive” Washington’s decision to recall the families of its diplomats stationed in Kiev.

For its part, the European Union announced on Monday that it saw no reason to “dramatize” the tensions between Ukraine and Russia and that it did not intend to follow the United States concerning the recall of the families of diplomats.

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