Two employees of a CHSLD testify to the distress of their patients

Employees of the CHSLD de Trois-Rivières testified anonymously on Monday to the distress felt by their patients, who can no longer see their loved ones due to pandemic control measures.

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François and Chantale (fictitious names) have agreed, on condition of anonymity, to expose the reality in care settings in fifth wave mode. What they see are seniors in psychological distress on a daily basis.

“We see people crying, people who say they are bored. A resident told me “you don’t manage a care environment, you manage a prison”. There are those who don’t have the ability to understand and wonder what they did wrong to deserve this. It’s a heartbreaking feeling, it’s atrocious,” they told TVA Nouvelles.

Chantale is emotional when she talks about the current reality in her CHSLD. It must be said that visitors are not admitted for the moment. Only a caregiver can visit a resident. “There are some who express to us the desire to want to die. I saw residents crying. I’ve also heard people say to me “come and unlock the door for me, I haven’t done anything wrong”. It’s sad “.

The report is so heartbreaking that François even questions his profession. “If I had to go through these situations for many more years, telling people to stay in their rooms, to see people who are in pain, people who are anxious, of course I wouldn’t stay. And yet, I love my job. But it’s too difficult.”

The solutions are not simple according to them, but they wish to highlight the issue of loneliness as attention is turned to the control of outbreaks in CHSLDs.
According to François, more people, perhaps volunteers, should be admitted to the establishments “They are triple vaccinated. The danger is not there, but in the fact that [les patients] need to socialize, talk and be listened to.”


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