“The Red Bracelets” and “Six Degrees”: two golden roles for Noah Parker

Noah Parker stars in two series that are good for the soul by demonstrating the full force of friendship, solidarity and resilience.

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The actor shines in “Les bracelets rouges” on TVA and in “Six Degrees”, the second season of which has just landed on EXTRA de TOU.TV.

We are talking about two luminous series, touching and rich in humanity. In both cases, he portrays a young man who has health issues.

In “Les bracelets rouges”, he is Justin, an athlete who dreams of a professional career in hockey. However, bone cancer deviated his trajectory following the removal of one of his legs below the knee.

In “Six Degrees”, he is Léon, a young man who only sees life with an opening of six degrees. At 16, he was marked by the tragic loss of his mother, followed by the meeting of his biological father and his family.

Courageous, Justin and Léon are well supported and do not lack the determination to breathe new life into their lives.

Noah feels “lucky to be able to play such rich characters” because Justin and Leon asked him to be well prepared.

“It takes research, work, it’s not boring to play and it’s well written, so for an actor it’s perfect. They’re kind of related, as both have a disability, but they’re so different too. I don’t like to be [confiné] to some kind of role. […] I also played in “Campus” a non-binary character. I said: go ahead with makeup in the face, I asked that they shave my hair on the side and dye the rest of me blond”, detailed Noah, who is multiplying at the moment. auditions in the language of Shakespeare.

It was with a passion for learning that Léon joined Noah. “There is a bit of me in Léon, he looks like me when I was young. When I discovered my passion for acting, I didn’t stop, that’s just what I was doing: watching movies and analyzing acting. There is a certain resemblance between Léon and me on the way of approaching his passion.

In the second season of “Six Degrees”, we see more of the author of the series, Simon Boulerice, who also plays Leon’s teacher. The latter begins to write, which brings him closer to Marianne (Catherine Trudeau), his deceased mother, for whom he will invent chapters of life that she did not have the chance to live with Violette (Joëlle Paré -Beaulieu).

It is through his mother’s former lover that Léon will also meet Maggie (Emi Chicoine), who will then get closer to Florence (Marine Johnson, who replaced Amaryllis Tremblay retained at the Conservatory).

“”Six Degrees” is a favorite project for me. It’s a candy in the mouth what I have to play. This character is so interesting, physically, psychologically, I have a lot of fun with Leon,” said Noah.

“Les bracelets rouges” is also a promising project for the young actor.

“We don’t follow the illness of the characters, we follow characters who have illnesses,” he said. We are not in the theoretical side, with doctors who talk about the chances of survival and the context of the next chemo. We are really with the young people who are trying to get out of it, how they do it, the young people make friends to create a certain light which helps them to go through what is happening to them.

Produced by Encore Television, the series “Les bracelets rouges” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on TVA. The same production company carries “Six Degrees”, whose second season, which includes 13 episodes, has just been released on TOU.TV EXTRA.


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